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  1. hey all
    Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay in the gower ... Sea views, family friendly yada yada....
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    The Gower is stunning, great beaches and scenery. But it's very isolated, getting to the beaches mean long walks through the dunes. Great if your a professional surfer coz the waves are big but I took the the kids years back and they soon got bored. I like nice places but there really isn't anything there
  3. weve done most of Wales but not much of that area so fancied a change ?
  4. Flakey

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    We loved three cliffs bay campsite and beach, it is a fair walk down but lovely
  5. Woodylubber

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    Just saying
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  6. Hi, we have stayed at Three Cliffs Bay campsite..Fab, Nicholstone farm..great and my favourite is Hillend at llangenith...Rhossili Beach...wonderful.
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    left handed opener as i recall, curly blonde perm
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  8. Think we're going to try our luck at Hillend ..... Setting off tomo all being well ... Thanks guys
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    Have fun ,don't forget pics :thumbsup:
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  10. And all round thoroughly nice chap.
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