The forest of Dean Gloucestershire /monmouth border

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    One of the places we liked to go to with our previous vws was the forest of Dean on the gloucester monmouth Border .

    It is a magical place with so much to see and do , there are miles of walking along the river ,symmonds yat a monumentally large rock that juts out over the river below , a old iron mine they call clearwell caaves which are fun for all age groups , there is a preserved steam train line that runs from Lydney , there are gardens mazes and shops galore .

    Well equipped campsites are abound some are run by the national trust and require booking , others are private or caravan and camping club , but nearly all are well equipped and cheap .

    This area is a forgotten gem , its not a busy touristy treadmill area just a chilled and beautiful place , it can be accessed from the m50 at Ross or monmouth , or from Gloucester down the old A48 at lydney or follow the signs for coleford .

    i highly recommend this area its waiting to be explored by foot , boat , steam train or van , don't take my word for it why don't you check it out yourself this summer -- you won't regret it .

    some Dr who bits were filmed here :),r:9,s:39,i:243

    Enjoy and send me a postcard ;)
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  2. We're Going next week, after looking at your post we can't wait 8)

    Lets just hope the weather gods are with us ;)

    Thanks for the info,it looks stunning

  3. :D I was born here in Coleford.

    Still have lots of family in the area
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  5. We usually go to Clearwell caves at Xmas times, it's fab ... The kids love it
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    halloweens good too :)

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