The Cruise Ships, in Weymouth Bay...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Strangley remind me of the train yard at Barry Island...
  2. If The Nonsense goes on for much longer, they will be scrapping them all...
  3. Turn them into prison ships...
  4. Would you want to go cruising right now? :( It was predominantly the crinkly generation who both had the time and money to go off on these ships, but they are more statistically susceptible to the lurgey. I am not sure how these cruise liners can make money now :(
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  5. Me and Mrs Ozziedog and some pairs of friends were supposed to be off on a fortnights cruise around the med and or possibly a tad further for her sixtieth this year. As luck would have it, we hadn’t booked yet or payed a deposit which is possibly the saving grace of this tale. I could imagine all sorts of issues trying to get your money back off a company that’s about to go pop! That could have been a very expensive non event. And I resemble that crinkly generation remark!:);):)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, I guess I’m getting there,,,, bugger, bugger, bugger! :)
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  6. As a family we cruise quite a bit, parents, aunties, uncles, my lot. Once this nonsense is over or at least more under control, as long as the measures in place don’t ruin the holiday, I expect we will be going back to it fairly soon. I’m fifty in two years and god willing we will be off to the Caribbean, but not if the virus is still rampant in America.

    as far as getting money back, my mum and dad were due to sail in sept on Norwegian. They had no issues rescheduling. The cruise line offered them 125% of what they’d spent this year to book next year. Although I think in the end they cancelled altogether.
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  7. Yep - we had hoped to do a cruise in November to celebrate our 50th (we 're genuine crinklies!) - looks like it's not going to happen for a while yet.
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  8. OI. ..less of the crinkly bit thank you. Just to be clear we've not been on a cruise! !
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  9. davidoft

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    what nonsense are you referring to?
  10. davidoft

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    I’ve been on quite a few cruises but definitely won’t be for a while
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  11. Wow! 48 and can afford a cruise! I must be doing something wrong!
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    you can get um pretty cheap, went on one for honeymoon, was £900 for 2 of us(£450 each) for 2 weeks all inclusive, round the med
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  13. I did several years of cruising and even better got paid for it, Med, Baltic, UK, West Indies, West Coast States, Persian Gulf.
  14. Did you get chance to sail in the positively charming waters around Barnsley Bay? It is said by few that its one of the most scenic places around :eek:
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  15. I've never dropped my anchor in Barnsley
  16. Was that a euphemism? :p
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  17. We had to cancel a two way transatlantic on Queen Mary 2, or rather they cancelled, so we got a full refund. We’ve got a Norweigen Fjords cruise booked for a July next year, but I’m already starting to wonder if it will go ahead :(
  18. Are you supposed to be going on Iona?
    We were invited to go on the shakedown in early may, that didn't happen, apparently it's now way behind build schedule. They haven't even told us when the shakedown test is going to be yet.
    A mate at work is also supposed to be going to Norway next year, he's waiting for the email.......
  19. I'd be inclined to say you chose wisely :D
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  20. I don’t go on mega expensive ones. For two reasons, one I couldn’t afford it and two they tend to be ships that would be too formal for us. I tend to go on royal Caribbean and I don’t think I’ve ever paid much more than you would to a good all inclusive hotel. In fact the first one we did about 16 years ago. We went to the travel agents to book a week in a hotel in the canaries all inclusive and they suggested we look at a cruise and it worked out cheaper.

    plus once you are on the ship there’s nothing to pay for food and drink. The last one we did they chucked in free parking at Southampton for the car. No airport taxes to pay etc.

    if you price up P&O/Cunard/Celebrity etc then yes they can be eye wateringly expensive. But they don’t have to be.

    anyway none of us need to worry now that Merlincat cruises is afloat and giving TLB big discounts.
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