The Colonial Contingent

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  1. he will be fine, the fires down his way are about as big as England they take out a lot of infrastructure ie telegraph poles so loose services like electricity and internet also phone, he will be back the situation is improving
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  2. He may be having a shave !
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  3. Perhaps he's gone walkabout?
  4. Dubs

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    Maybe combing homeless Koalas out of it though...
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  5. With Jenny Aguter? :cool:
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  6. Lucky him.
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  7. Don often has a little break from TLB, he'll be back soon:thumbsup:
  8. He normally goes on the missing list when he’s waiting for a new stealth guitar delivery.

    he has to camp at the end of the drive and intercept the courier before MrsT finds out.

    I’m sure he will be back soon enough. Remember Australia is really big, like massively big. ItS about a six day round trip to nip out for a pint of milk.
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  9. :rolleyes:
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  10. Come on, Don, show yourself...
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  11. He might be, You know .........

    Asleep !
  12. Don't encourage any bad behaviour ;)
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  13. Can I just linger on that thought.....
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