The Bus Stop Over, 17-19th June

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  1. Peeing it down here at the moment and the ground at the campsite I'm at is just a bit boggy. M6 southbound was a nightmare around knutsford too.:(
    NEC tomorrow for gardeners world show so at least most of that is inside then a quick hop up to Newark (nice anagram of w***er :p) for a look round the air museum then next door to bus stop over.
  2. Might be a fair weather camper this weekend and wait to see how the weather is. Or even just come down for a day
  3. Not rained here all afternoon!!!! First time its stopped in a couple of days.
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    I went today for a mooch as I couldn't camp over due to other commitments, it looked like a cracking setup and really wished we'd been able to camp over - especially as its only a couple of miles away from my house :)

    I reckon it would be fantastic if we could get a few over for club camping next year - dates are 16 - 18 June presumably the same venue - Newark showground.

    Anyone else interested?
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    I thought you'd have been there... Was looking out for you... I had a craving for a pulled pork and coleslaw ciabatta :)
  6. No couldn't get in, tried lat year and this year, it's quite small and I think they generally have the same caterers back each year.

    And I won't be able to do it next year as I will be away with work.
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    Mmm, I suppose it is quite small, I guess it's not a matter of taking room up but more that you'd be taking some custom off their usuals?
    There was a pizza stall, cooking pizzas in the side of a Landover ( quite clever) that looked quite nice, a curry van, a burger van but I think that was it @Jono1249 may know better...
  8. I was there, I stayed Saturday night. There was cool catering doing toasties, land rover pizza, the curry stall(excellent curry's by Mick, I do know him.), Waffle wagon, and a big square catering unit doing a bit of everything , O's T4 coffee van and splitscreen coffee van and a spliscreen ice cream van.

    All good, I reckon we could have a market but I don't know how busy it was.
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  9. Just got back. 200 mile run up the A1 then A66 wasn't fun. Got push started at Scotch corner as starter solenoid just said no. Works fine now though.:rolleyes:
    Would have been a great show if there was more trade that sold stuff other than the usual festival tat. Some actual car parts maybe.
  10. Yeah it was bit light on actual traders. Lots of tat stalls. I did get some lego dust caps though!!
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  11. Just got our stuff squared away.
    First time I've actually camped at BSO as usually been as day visitor. We stayed with our VW Club behind Classic 181 Motors, near to the food stalls. Plenty of space near us for large group to meet up spare. Also very large hall for entertainments or shelter if rain.
    The curry was excellent as were the waffles!
    Spoke to some traders at Vanjamboree this year. Last year they hardly made any money at BSO so were not bothering this year.
    Enjoyed it apart from the Mrs having to take youngest home last night as she was sick. The rest was a bit hazy as I had a few beers due to feeling sorry for myself. Ended up buying a 1litre stein from a trader, filling it with cider and wondering around with it whilst drinking port from another glass. The waffle for breakfast was nice!
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