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  1. Hello.....not been on the site for a while......planning a trip for August back up to Scotland. Mrs Bruce wants to visit Coll and Tiree as family are from there, so away we go!
    I'm planning to go to Oban night one, over to Tiree then Coll, back to mainland ovr to Stirling then home. Lots of history along the way for me, graves and churchyards fro Mrs Bruce and hopefully some great weather and great camping spots as well.
    Any recommendations/knowledge greatly received.
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  2. Isle of mull is nice(free camping at Calgary bay etc) if you have time on way to Coll & Tiree.
    Island hopping ferry passes may be worth looking into. Calmac

    On main land in Oban great sit in chippy at the harbour front.

    Heading over to Stirling you can stop at Loch Lomond or head over to tyndrum and down to callendar etc. Nice drive.

    Stirling castle , Wallace monument, Falkirk wheel and kelpies close enough too.

    Plenty lochs and bens so great views.

    It's all good up that way so I say don't make a plan then you can't get lost.
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  3. Aye, stay by the Coast to Avoid midges.
    We are just back from Islay & Arran, it was amazing weather. Trip review coming soon
    PS welcome back
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  4. Good notes, I've been to Mull before and I reckon it's good for several days on a trip so maybe not pulling it in this time, save for another trip. I've also been Stirling - boring but mildly amusing anecdote- me and three mates were in Scotland when Mel Gibson's historically inaccurate but fun Braveheart was out...we saw it in the cinema in Stirling! We were very quiet as all the locals whooped and hollered when anything mildly good happens to their side and cheered when English soldiers got killed!
    Anyhow, I like your idea of Tyndrum/Calendar route.
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  5. That!
    Just read your review, marvellous! Kintra is the best campsite location I've ever stayed at. We had similar weather to you when we went a couple of years back.
    Love it.
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  6. Yes same goes for Kintra, best ever campsite location. Plus an interesting owner!

    I look forward to seeing your Coll & Tiree trip....perhaps I'll follow you the following year.

    All my prep before going was about stopping rain getting in, actually what I should have taken is fly/mossie screens for van windows! On a couple of days there was no wind, so midges got bad at dusk whilst it was still hot.
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  7. Did you catch the really bad statue of William Wallace below the Wallace Monument? Stirling man myself.:D
  8. Haha, I'm sure we did but it is twenty years ago.....I will make sure we do this time
    We did the monument, castle and also bannockburn last time...
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  9. If you do stop at tyndrum pop into the green welly for a pit stop or even better go along to the good food cafe along the road n get some nice food. We were there today on the way back from fort Augustus. It's a cracking sit in or take away chippy!
    Pine trees camp site next to it is good, pretty close to the main road but if you get a pitch on the other side it's pretty quiet.
  10. I have stopped at the trendy chippy twice before, but walked out both times after waiting for ages to get served.
  11. Good things come to those who wait ;)
    Yeah it can be busy, we struggled to get a seat. I sat n fed our baby so wasn't in a rush. It was a bit pricy for what you get but you can't get a toastie or sandwich for much less these days.
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  12. The food looked better than the stuff in the Green Welly cafeteria place, but it remained out of reach. Third time lucky!
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  13. Bloody ell, I haven't put a thread on about our Coll, Tiree, Stirling trip yet. Outrageous. Will try and do it this weekend.
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  14. you still t'other side of the M1 fella :)
  15. Still ere mate. Not been frequenting site much of late
  16. I don't pass through Selston much now, work relocated us to the edge of Sheffield :(
  17. Boo!
    Looking forward to better weather to get out in The Bruce again
  18. We've just started renovating our westy, he got very tired and needs quite a lot doing. Gusbus is hibernating at the moment, he has been used loads up to the end of last October!
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  19. We need a bit of work doing too. Front beam really :(
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  20. Blimey, I really haven't been on here much! No Coll and tiree update from two summers ago, mull last year no update....front beam and all that carry on underneath now replaced.....
    Going across the border on Wednesday ......Stirling, Inverness, west to Ullapool ish, then Lewis/Harris..... Just above two weeks off work, no real plans/appointments.....will definitely post pics this time!!
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