The Boe Rig , Charlton , Northumberland.

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  1. Spent one night here last week. An ok site for one night. Slightly run down. Hot showers and a nice pub/restaurant on site. Fantastic area though. Long time friends who I hadn’t seen for a while met us down the road. They’ve just sold two business’s and retired. We’ve bought a camper they said:thumbsup:
  2. Funny thing is, they felt sorry for us in our little camper but we were very happy. We like to sit outside with a camp fire and wrapped up but they wanted to sit inside with the central heating on.
  3. Good place to walk along the Roman wall.
  4. 1CC415AD-8D79-46A7-9551-04D135D69755.jpeg This is sycamore gap where Robin Hood was filmed
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  5. AB26C63E-5E3E-46D6-BFF9-8D23EDDDDD0F.jpeg Happy campers
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  6. It’s great to get together with friends and chill out with a few beers. Did a good ten mile walk the next day. I think we take the Roman Wall for granted as it’s literally on our door step, but it is a great place to visit.
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  7. BA307BCC-F06E-4DEC-B644-B18BC71FE656.jpeg EB592C37-81C5-4F70-A9F1-9CA974284517.jpeg
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  8. Thats very close to where i'm from i take it you went to twice-brewed :D

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