The Bell, Buckland Dinham, Somerset

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  1. I think this place deserves a mention.

    We camped here last weekend. It is as basic as it gets - but that's how I like it - as long as I can have a fire!!!
    It was our youngster's 12th birthday, so we turned up on the Saturday with 5 of her mates (you would not believe the noise that six 12 year old girls make). Anyhow, when I rang them, the landlady said to bring their hot-water bottles and she would fill them - which she did.
    On the Sunday, the weather did it's absolute worst and rained in biblical proportions, so the landlady set them up in the pub - in front of the big screen to watch Sherlock on dvd, while I took the tents down.
    If you're ever in the area, I would certainly recommend a visit!!!
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    As many of you know, we went here for the TLB Summer Camp and very good it is too.

    Use of the pub is a brilliant addition to the site. Shame they are having issues with the camping planning permissions but I think they are on the road to sorting it.

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