The amazing Restoration of... Ethel the T25 Karmann Gypsy!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geordie, May 6, 2018.

  1. i need pixies... the ones i have are lazy feckers. when i get up there's still no jobs done :confused:
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  2. Stonehenge was build quicker;)

    Crossy said he would sort your back door he only lives round the corner

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  3. Two Albanian families, I heard. They live in his loft.
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  4. o_O
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  5. Ah the epic saga of Gus Honeybun was merely the start....

    Great work @Geordie, it’s an amazing job you’re doing.... techenders in April??
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  6. You said you would;)

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  7. but i've had other stuff to do.... :oops:

    and i think i need to plane some more off the door and it's been a bit chilly outside. brrr :(
  8. *heavy sigh* i miss Gus still :(
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  9. In Los Angeles next week to see your cousin fight :thumbsup:
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  10. Thanks Sarah Hopefully ;)

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  11. Oooh look, here he is!


    :D :D
    Think the vino has kicked in and the tiredness subsided! Yeeeeeha! :D
  12. She’s in no rush ;)

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  13. Ooh actually that reminds me, last time I was down in Plym (the weekend of the obnoxious cock womble) another friend said she would be working with David Fitzgerald shortly, so I suggested she might like to enquire upon the whereabouts of a certain magic button pressing, bunny hopping, rabbit. Must see if she got anywhere......
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  15. Why has he got the South West Trains logo on his jumper?
  16. What happens when you press the magic button;)

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  17. i thought it was TSW :confused:
  18. it's a magic MUSHROOM! ... everything goes all psychedelic, maaaan :cool::cool:
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  19. Pikey what have you done to Ethel :eek:
    pikey 1.jpg
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  20. @Geordie I wiz wondering , moggy needs refurb o_O
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