The amazing Restoration of... Ethel the T25 Karmann Gypsy!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geordie, May 6, 2018.

  1. Nice campsite but know better a few miles away.
  2. Yes but do they give you a lift, in the back of the pick up, from the village pub :D
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  3. Loving it Geordie , watching this thread with interest

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  4. @Ermintrude
    Me mother in law came over and shouted Ethel I said Ethel! (She shouts a lot because shes deaf as a post or maybe just maybe something else?)
    I said ethel what!

    She said that’s the name you should call her! So if it’s got the outlaws approval then Ethel it is:cool:
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  5. @crossy2112 come-on I bet he charged you:D
  6. brilliant! i ask because the only Ethel i've ever known was a drag queen years ago called Ethel Shagnasty :eek::eek:
    no relation then? :D:D
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  7. I’ve found out that its the 465 Karmann gypsy made of 780 and around 300 known to be in existence around the world! :eek:
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  8. @Ermintrude is she related :D
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  9. No not me and Mrs C, it was Dave and Karl :thumbsup:

    I paid for it after Dave did a runner :)
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  10. i thought it may be your alter ego, or your sordid past :p
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  11. Yeah got love Robert, just ring him up yellow snowed somewhere and he's come out and give you a lift, will visit this summer sometime :)
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  12. You need to weed out these unsavoury characters!! :hattip:
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  13. Not true I have minimal convictions :thumbsup:
  14. Me and @Barry Haynes are members of the Conservative party where upstanding people I’ll have you know
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  15. :thumbsup:
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  16. o_O
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  17. Oh my god, I loved Gus Honeybun! He was fab. I lived in Plymouth for 7 years when I ended up at Art College there in the late 80s, and he was a cult hero. I worked at TSW for a while after leaving college (until they lost the franchise) and even got to meet Gus and give him a bit of a cuddle occasionally. I wonder where he ended up? Probably drunk in the corner of a seedy bar in Devonport telling anyone who'll listen about when he used to be on the telly......
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  18. hahaha! that's ace! yep, i was at plymouth though based in exmouth/exeter where they kept the arts students in the early 90's though had been frequenting plymouth since '87.

    Gus was a hero in our digs!

    around '93 i worked in a friends pub in Ermington where one of the presenters (i think it was news) used to drink. A chap from hull called Roger, so obviously he became Roger Melly the man on the telly (i had nicknames for all the locals; alec the sailor, tony the tory, bob the racist etc :D), he would always talk loudly about being on TSW. I suspect he is with Gus now in devenport :D
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