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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Marzydj

    Marzydj Supporter

    If anyone is interested I am blogging my visits to the cathedrals, link below:
  2. Link missing, fella!
  3. Marzydj

    Marzydj Supporter

    Sums up my weekend! I should have said in the signature(?) here it is:
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  4. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor supporter extraordinaire

    Are you still in Ely @Marzydj ?

    I will be picking my good lady up from her work in Ely about 5 today, and have a gasket kit I could drop off to you if it’s still needed?
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  5. Marzydj

    Marzydj Supporter

    You're a star! I'm in Cambridge but very happy to come and meet you in Ely if that's ok? I've sent a DM (I think!)
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  6. Have you considered growing your own paintbrushes, Jim ;)?
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  7. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    I had a bit of a neaten up today, I'll send the clippings your way as part of my DIY kit. :thumbsup:
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  8. Quick run over with the Flymo, that'll look fine :thumbsup:
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  9. Marzydj

    Marzydj Supporter

    @Dubs saves the day - thank you so much! Fitting tomorrow.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor supporter extraordinaire

    Happy to help! :)
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  11. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Took out an unused RJ45 socket in the under bus connector box and replaced with a waterproof 12 volt connector for lighting and USB charge points in the awning. Found some going cheap on a 4x4 winch sellers stand at Stafford in February . They were selling RF remote controls and stripping the wired controls for parts as far as I could tell. So the plug and socket came from a wired winch remote.
    I am fed up with having to sit right beside the bus and forgetting and shutting the slider on cables..

    And tidied up wiring on the stereo speakers. I think the biggest problem was the Halfords DIN adaptor plugs and sockets where the sockets had opened out and become intermittent. Replaced solder and insulation tape with solder and heatshrink.
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  12. Soggz

    Soggz Supporter

    Did the ‘cam burn’ thing, changed the oil, and drove it up and down the bypass a few times. Seems to go ok, stalled a few times at junctions, but pulled well. Guess I have to cram up on carb set up and timing.
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  13. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Because I have one very shiny bare alloy wheel, I am slowly cleaning and polishing the rest. Managed to take one wheel down to 2000 grade sandpaper before polishing. Waxed it to keep it good while I get around to it..
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  14. Did you get a set of steels Mike?
  15. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Nothing yet. Still contemplating options. I just went for the only 5 spoke EMPI style in stock anywhere as I needed it 2 days before Techenders. Discussed some wheels with @davidoft ..
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  16. There was someone on here that had offered you a set for free I don’t know if you had missed the post.
  17. Chrisd

    Chrisd Supporter

    How very oddo_O
    I was looking underneath the camper where the lpg tank used to live and saw a long spring attached to the beam....investigating further, it seems to be an old accelerator spring....just what I was missing! It's slightly stretched in one area, but I'm cleaning it to see if I can use it.
  18. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    I took it on a round trip to Bristol to load up some of No2 daughters stuff to bring home after finishing at university.

    On the way out - 60-68mph no trouble. On the way back having to leave it at under half throttle to go up hills at 50-60mph, watching the CHTs climbing because of the weight of stuff in the back.

    Because of a crash on the M27, we took it via back roads from Winchester, where it was impossible to go fast enough to overheat it..

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  19. Fitted a new speedo cable as the original snapped after about 100 miles of my use. Took if for a spin to Quarry Bank Mill (local fascist national trust place) where I managed to destroy the latch in the slider…
  20. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Was that a problem with lubrication on the speedo cable, or just an old cable at the end of its life ?

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