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  1. do you use yeast and olive oil in your pizza dough ? Ill tell you what you might like , i made duck pancakes the other day , easy mix 150g of plain flour 100ml of boiling water , mix need to a nice dough then roll out really thin n cook for a min each side on hot plate, bit of oil if you want a crisper outer but you can then use them like a warm wrap for anything .:)
  2. Flour and water is wallpaper paste. :thinking:

    I'm not a pizza fan, they were asparagus and mushroom quiches
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  3. no it makes a dough with the boiling water its the gluten that gets activated , i do speek truth too :D
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    Get you :)
  5. Cooking is still a relative novelty for me, our kitchen always required an hour of clearing up before you could start. I like fresh seperate ingredients, not someone elses profitable tasteless mush. Cooking is easy? I guessed everything, no scales or measuring jugs for me. :)
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    Simple when it's just you or you don't have fussy eaters, I pan fried a breast of chicken on a bed of rosemary yesterday, chicken never touched the pan, was moist and flavourful.

    sent from the Charente-Maritime
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  7. is a special detergent/non detergent used..?
  8. 'grey water'?? Sure your not putting your whites and blacks together?? :D:D:D
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    Where are all the pictures of the boaty thing? I want pictures :mad:
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  10. It's home, sort of private-ish. :)
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  11. Good question. Persil bio. :oops: Maybe have to look into that.
  12. me neither on some stuff but some baking you just need the right amounts or it just dont work , anything is easy if you know how :D
  13. he is sat in his pants...:)

    unless there in the washer ...:eek:
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  14. Ecover do a supposed eco friendly washing powder/liquid
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    Fair point.
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  16. enjoy the oven and the new home!
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  17. We have a septic tank draining into a dyke, so always use biodegradable stuff - Method or Ecover is good. Washing up liquid should be biodegradable as well.
  18. Zed spotted :)

  19. With matching wheelie bin
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    I can't see him.

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