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  1. getting ready for a trip away Friday, took the bus for a spin to make sure all is as it should be. Noticed that the temp was up over 100 even with fans on, stopped and put my hands on the radiator, it was hot but not over boiling point. No coolent from the blow off pipe! The temp gauge fitted looks very cheap and I do remember the mechanic saying he doubts how accurate it would be. Should I just buy a new gauge or is it likely to be more than that? 2ltr legacy engine approx 1999
  2. Were both tip and bottom pipes hot ? If bottom pipe was cold it may have some air in the system.
  3. I think the bottom pipe was hot, but will check again later. I 100% sure it’s not running as hot as the gauge is saying. Still a worry though.
  4. Is the sensor easy enough to get to or not ? Thinking ordering a replacement
  5. Not overly easy. You need to plug the diagnostics together and see if you have any codes. If the temp sensor was bad it would be running rough and the fans would be on all the time even from cold
  6. To be honest my fans are manually operated, they just stopped kicking in, so could it be a sensor knackered. The mechanic was a bit stumped.
  7. Would something like this be worth fitting ? Fits on the top pipe coming off the rad ?
  8. Could do but it will only give you a temp gauge, it's just adding another thing when actually the fans and temp sender and temp gauge need sorting properly. Fix the problem not the symptom.

    Where are you again?
  9. Rugeley, Midlands. I did try and get sorted but the mechanic was a bit baffled and manually wired fans.
  10. Is there any way of checking temperature? What about one of those infa red gun thermometers ??
  11. yep and infra red thermometer might do it.

    so the fans are on a switch?

    can you take a picture of your engine and ECU please
  12. I can’t find my ecu, not under drivers seat
  13. Does your mechanic know where it is?
  14. Checked just the propex heater, will have another look today.

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