Tell us all about Ireland/ Northern Ireland? we can tell you about Ireland!!!!

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by fugly76, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Sounds like a great trip in the making!

    I worked over in NI back in the early 90s with a mate who hailed from Newry, and when the job was over we took a grand tour all round the south in my car, staying in campsites and YHAs. I've been back a few times since for weddings, and the odd weekend in Dublin on a cheap flight, but not actually had much of a drive around for years. I think it might be time to rectify that! I'll be reading the thread here with interest, and perhaps making my own plans... :thumbsup:
  3. This is quite scenic.
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    A couple of friends did the Wild Atlantic route in a T25 last year and didn't use a single campsite

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  5. Hi, there are a good few campsites around, Renvyle is west Galway is in a beautiful setting on the beach, Achill is good, Strandhill has a decent site 2 minutes from the beach and pubs. You could have a look at, it's not very active since its server crash but there is a good list of sites, also have a look at safe nights ireland, €10 per night for campervans. Wild camping is quiet possible, a lot of beaches will have height barriers and there is always pub carparks, just ask, not usually a problem if you're having a meal or a few pints. Enjoy it its a lovely part of the world, especially if the weather is nice. If you want to camp in Dublin, the only campsite I know of is Camac valley (bus ride into town).:)
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  6. I'm at home recovering from a small operation so this is an ideal time to show you a few pictures from our Irish adventure.
    We set off early morning 15th July from Grantham, meeting @The Bobdogs and Julie near Derby and on wards to Holyhead.
    Things did start to well though as less than 5 miles from home I had a puncture it only put us back 20 minutes with still loads of time for the ferry.
    A steady drive to Holyhead got us there with plenty of time to walk the dogs before the 13.50 ferry to Dublin. With the dogs in the vans for almost 4 hours, we needed to make sure they were well watered and emptied.
    The ferry was a straight forward trip and a nice chill out after a long drive across country.
    With it been Saturday night, we had booked a campsite in advance...the only one we did book and it was a short 30 mile drive to the village of Roundwood in the Wicklow Mountains national park with its 4 pubs.
    We stayed on Roundwood caravan & camping park, the owner was very friendly and chatted with us for a good hour about the local area and our vans, even taking pictures lol... Something that we soon got used to.
    We had a walk to the pubs for something to eat and try my first local Guinness, very nice too.
    Tomorrow across country and on to the Wild Atlantic way..[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Day 2.
    After breakfast in 'The Coach House' we went across the road to the local shop to pay the motorway and tunnel toll through Dublin, 3€ if I remember correctly.
    We were soon driving west towards Limerick through the Wicklow mountains and on to the motorway and another two tolls, 1.80€ each this time.
    As like in Scotland last year we had CB radios so we could chat while driving.. Again very useful.
    We soon started to realise just how friendly the Irish are, every village we past through people waved, smiled and took pictures. Even on the motorway cars would pass slowdown and take pictures!
    Once in Limerick we got supplies as Sunday was steak night..
    Then on to[​IMG]r[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the Loop head peninsula and join the Atlantic way. An easy route to follow... Just follow the wibbly wobbly brown signs, one with an (n) and one with (s). We were going north.
    After a stop for the biggest 99 ever we found a site on the Shannon estuary....Green Acres caravan & camping, loads of statics but a nice camping area with estuary views. Again lots of friendly people and helpful owners. Who told us about a lovely beach 5 minute walk away.. The 5 minutes turned into a 20 minute walk, a true sign that time stands still in Ireland!!! This bay/ beach was beautiful and apart from a single skinny dipper, we were on our own....

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  8. Day 3 and on the Wild Atlantic Way proper....
    After a breakfast on my old paraffin stove [​IMG]
    and with the advice of the campsite owner we head a mile up the road to the harbour village of Carrigaholt and hop on the dolphin watch boat for a trip round the estuary in the hope of seeing dolphins, some thing that Claire has always wanted to do....well it didn't disappoint!
    We had a late lunch in a restaurant over looking the sea at Kilbaha, called in at the Bridges of Ross[​IMG]
    then followed the WAW north in to the Victorian holiday resort of Kilkee, which was a busy surprise
    It was coast on our left all the way north, passing the cliffs of Moher until we arrived in the busy village of Doolin.
    Camping at O'Connors Riverside Camping & Caravan park, which is right in the middle of the village and close to the pub!
    Once set up and showered we were soon in the pub for abit of local fiddley diddley music with a few Guinness before bed..

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  9. Day 4...
    After a few pints of Guinness the night before we were in no rush to hit the road. Still heading north with a stop for coffee in Galway and aiming for sites near Clifden.
    The one thing we didn't realise was just how difficult and time consuming the WAW is, with single track roads and the roads twisting and turning along the coast. I reckon our average speed was no more than 30 mph, not a bad thing of course....
    I didn't reckon much to Galway but the drive out of the town along the famous prom was nice, but we didn't 'kick the wall' just drove past it!!
    We took this book with us
    Which came up trumps again with the nights campsite at Renvyle, Renvyle Beach caravan & camping park.
    Located right on another almost empty beach....
    Another long dog walk on the beach followed another fine steak from Andy

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  10. Usually June is the driest month in Ireland. July/August get wetter...
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    Lovely photos, I'm jealous :)
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  12. Bejesus...I must have been hitting the black stuff with a certain 'enthusiasm'....I can't remember most of's like a whole new holiday looking at these pics! Still loving the look of the slot mags and chunky tyres on my bus!
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  13. I think we both hit the black stuff fairly hard

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  14. Great pics... :cool:
    Thanx for posting..
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  15. Excellent write up !!!!!!!!!
    Looks fantastic place :)
    I'd love to do this one day!
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  16. Day 5
    Wednesday and weather is overcast and looking like rain, up until now the weather had been very nice with lots of sunshine.
    A steady drive with a stop off in damp Westport for a look round and lunch
    My fine Irish stew
    We looked hard for the famous VW graveyard but saw nothing and pushed on to Achill Island and the nights campsite at Keel..Keel Sandybanks caravan & camping park. Yet another site just a sand dune from an empty beach..
    Another dog walk along the beach[​IMG]
    Walked into the village to check the local pubs out and make sure the Guinness is up to standard![​IMG]
    Rush hour on Achill island..
    It did rain abit[​IMG]
    And finished another fine day with some live music...[​IMG]

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    Awesome trip guys & that's sealed it for me! We've often spoken about doing the same so now it's definitely on the list.
    Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
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    brilliant pics, thanks for sharing Ian :D
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  19. I love Mayo. Lots of great pubs.
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  20. The VW "graveyard" is in Knockrooskey on the R330, east of Westport.

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