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  1. Did you know that I was once given a shetland pony (called Meg) by the man that wrote 'Its Not Unusual' for Tom Jones
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  2. I was 40 when found out that dad was really my uncle :eek:
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    When i got married i changed my surname and my wife kept hers.
  5. I appeared on Waiting for God on TV a few years back as the bungee jumper when Tom was going to do a bungee jump to prove he was a 'man' lol.
  6. The scar above my right eye was caused when I fell over in a swimming pool aged one. The stress of the hospital visit caused my mum to go into labour when heavily pregnant with my brother.
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  8. I was county trampolining champion for my age group in 1982
  9. At 16, I broke my arm bullfighting in Majorca..
  10. In 1975, at 6 years old, I became the youngest ever person in the UK to swim one mile. I still have the newspaper report somewhere. They tipped me as a future Olympic champion. Nowadays I'm out of puff after about 10 metres.
  11. I appeared on Tiswas doing the dying fly with Lenny Henry and Geoff Capes
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  12. at the age of 28 I can't think of anything remotly interesting to write here
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  13. i was a hgv driver till i fell over a box at 33...i retrained now I'm a staff nurse at 43
  14. at 26 i got a divorce , best thing to ever happen to me , never looked back , except to see if her solicitors where looking for anty thing else lol :'( :'( :eek: ;) ;) ;) ;) owen nw
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    As a young lad (about 8 year old) me and my brother went on a bike ride and halfway back i was desperate for a cack.....i was too embarrased to do one outside and tried (and failed) to get mom had to hose me off in the yard and to this day my brother drags the story out to shame me in front of mates.....i think the last time to spice it up i was 14 years old in it.....
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  16. ^^^^ ;D ;D

    my missus stung her arse on stinging nettles once whilst peeing behind a bush ;D
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  18. I entered a competition when I was about 11=12 in the local Carrefour in Telford town centre, it was to guess the number of PG Tips boxes (loose leaf tea) in this huge container, I won second place and me and my Mum won a "trolley dash" we had 2 mins to collect as much grocery items as we could, but could only collect 1 of each item.......the amount we got totalled around £80 which was over a months shopping at the time...........(Top prize was 3 mins)

    Was great fun and my Mum was well chuffed with me ;D
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    i invented the round tea bag !.

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