Ted's French Adventure

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  1. For our 'honeymoon' we took Ted to France.
    Even before leaving Ted decided to break down by seizing up his caliper!
    New calipers fitted (after some judicious machining) and we set off Weds morning.

    Some interesting vehicles making the trip to France.
    IMG_4676.jpg IMG_4677.jpg IMG_4681.jpg IMG_4688.jpg

    I always think it looks like the ship is eating the cars. :)

    Off at Dieppe the other end a 5 hour run down to this place. (As recommended by @Razzyh)
    IMG_4690.jpg IMG_4692.jpg IMG_4693.jpg
  2. Handy for the bin!
  3. A lovely meal in a local Hotel.
    IMG_4699.jpg IMG_4701.jpg IMG_4702.jpg
    Then back to bed to drink a bottle of wine given to us by another camper at The Aire for moving over to let him in. :)

    We had no real plans this holiday so the next morning we decided to go visit @lost-en-france. :)
    @Mrs Top Banana Racing made it her mission to fill the iphone with oictures of every single thing on the way down, I have edited this down a little!

    IMG_4702.jpg IMG_4697.jpg IMG_4721.jpg IMG_4740.jpg IMG_4775.jpg IMG_4784.jpg

    Eventually we stopped for a break and found out why the cooling vents weren't working!
    IMG_4789.jpg IMG_4793.jpg
  4. Congrats and nice pics - I especially like the blurred ones look very period 1970s! :)
  5. @Mrs Top Banana Racing's photographic skills need a little honing. :rolleyes:
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  6. Again @Mrs Top Banana Racing continued filling up the iphone but we saw some beautiful places.
    Elsewhere on the forum I'll give a breakdown of reasons but the BEST THING EVER is the "Avoid Motorways" button on Tomtom. GENIUS!!!
    IMG_4837.jpg IMG_4843.jpg IMG_4849.jpg IMG_4863.jpg IMG_4865.jpg IMG_4878.jpg IMG_4881.jpg

    Randomly a London Cab parked by the river here?
    IMG_4883.jpg IMG_4884.jpg
    You don't get to see places like this bombing down the motorways.
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  7. Eventually we got to @lost-en-france's.
    IMG_5002.jpg IMG_5009.jpg IMG_5011.jpg IMG_5014.jpg IMG_5023.jpg IMG_5158.jpg IMG_5163.jpg

    Closely followed by a Bristol Chav and his Scooby and then a builder's van.
    IMG_5007.jpg IMG_5012.jpg IMG_5013.jpg
  8. brilliant photo's, cheers for sharing dude!
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've been called many things, not all of them complementary, but never a chav as far as I can recall!
  10. All the Chavs have a Scooby - FACT! ;)
  11. Here's a vehicle that rivals @rickyrooo1's Bollyknickers in not only the horrible colour but also ugliness. (although this time it's The Bus, not the owner that's 'Fugly'.)

    Mick gave us the Penthouse Suit as it was our honeymoon.

    Mick's place (wasn't that in a film?) is absolutely stunning, the whole set up is to die for, Deborah and I can't thank him and Jackie enough for what turned out to be the best trip we've ever done in Ted.
    Thanks again, you are wonderful people.

    We lit the BBQ and using the (now famous) Westfalia Fork, had a brilliant evening of eating drinking and generally making Merry, Doug and meself polished off 5 litres of moonshine and then whatever we could find!

    Following a "small" breakfast, the builder and the chav left,

    leaving @Mrs Top Banana Racing to lounge around in the pool, while I had a 'quiet think'. ;)
    IMG_5033.jpg IMG_5034.jpg IMG_5042.jpg
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  12. I have noticed that we have absolutely NO pictures of Mick! Maybe he's a figment of our imagination???
    Nearby to @lost-en-france there's an old quarry where they take statue stone from, each year artists come to the place and carve statues not only on blocks in the clearing but also in the quarry itself.
    There's a "Function area" too, it's all very nice and some of the work is stunning.
    Best of all it's all free!
    IMG_5112.jpg IMG_5125.jpg IMG_5131.jpg IMG_5134.jpg IMG_5137.jpg IMG_5139.jpg IMG_5140.jpg IMG_5141.jpg IMG_5142.jpg

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    I think we need to rent that function place for Le Techenders.
    What a superb place!
  14. I think the translation from French read "Joanne's Arse" on this one. ;)
    IMG_5130.jpg IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5106.jpg IMG_5108.jpg IMG_5111.jpg IMG_5112.jpg IMG_5115.jpg IMG_5117.jpg IMG_5118.jpg IMG_5121.jpg
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  15. Some down in the Quarry.
    IMG_5048.jpg IMG_5051.jpg IMG_5053.jpg IMG_5054.jpg IMG_5056.jpg IMG_5057.jpg IMG_5059.jpg IMG_5061.jpg IMG_5068.jpg
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  16. Yet more!
    IMG_5071.jpg IMG_5072.jpg IMG_5073.jpg IMG_5075.jpg IMG_5076.jpg IMG_5079.jpg IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5084.jpg IMG_5089.jpg IMG_5098.jpg
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  17. I've saved the best 'til last.
    This piece of work is absolutely stunning, absolutely smooth and perfect lines, @Mrs Top Banana Racing and I both spent ages just walking round it.
    IMG_5135.jpg IMG_5136.jpg IMG_5144.jpg IMG_5145.jpg IMG_5146.jpg
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    Bon photos
  19. Nice pictures, I always hit the avoid motorways button as well ,
  20. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Excellent photos :) when we drove back to the uk in the Bay we mainly avoided mways and saw many lovely things and places :)

    Looks like you had a fab time. Those ex pats living in France are pretty sappley aren't they? Is @lost-en-france a lottery winner what with having his own pool and everything?! :)

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