FOR SALE Ted the 1972 Crossdresser

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  1. It is with much regret that we have to let Ted go. He was the bus we had out honeymoon in, the bus that got us on here, took us round Europe twice and that we still love the most, but needs must.
    For Sale:
    1972 Tintop LHD crossdresser from Cal Ee for nigh aye. Julien, California to be precise.
    Just passed brand new MOT.
    Ted has had in the last two years:
    New Engine, 1912cc. Type 4 less than 3000 miles on the clock.
    New carbs 40mm Twin Solex.
    New distributor, electronic.
    New heat exchangers.
    New exhaust.
    New clutch.
    Replacement gearbox.
    Scat shifter.
    Rev counter, oil gauge, voltmeter.
    New tyres.
    Refurbished wheels
    New discs and pads.
    New drums and shoes.
    New wood steering wheel.
    Full size spare alloy with new tyre.
    Pedals, cables and god knows what else!
    Ted is NOT perfect, he is showing his 45 years of age, he was painted back in the 80's but is as honest as the day is long, no deep seated or covered up rust here, he is not shiny but he is lovable and has character and (I hate this) Patina.
    Ted is also quick, not Ferrari quick but by 1600 Lawnmower Standards he flies along.

    Now his interior, erm.... shoehorned in from a T25, it's functional and sturdy, the sink is not plumbed in but easily could be.
    Here's the good stuff though..........
    Brand new Propex GAS and ELECTRIC heater, barely 12 hours use.
    Full 240v hook up.
    Massive leisure battery.
    Split charger and conditioning charger.
    2000W inverter will run anything from the leisure battery!
    DAB Radio.
    Decent carpets, headlining is good in the back but split in the front.
    Rock n roll works perfectly.
    Ted will come with all the stuff you need, gas cooker, proper drive away awning Kyham awning (up in 5 mins)
    Loads and loads of spares and bits to continue his upkeep and improvement.
    There's loads more upgrades and stuff been done and of course stuff to do.
    I've said enough, I'll let some pictures do the talking for a while, ask me or anyone who's met Ted on here if you want to know the score.
    Located in Oxon.
    £10995 in the paper.
    £10500 to anyone on here and you get the choice of all the spares, he MUST go to a good home.
    More pictures tomorrow when I get to a PC.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    The bottom four were taken today, after the MOT pass! :)

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  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  3. That's nice
  4. IMG_3468.jpg IMG_0369.jpg 011.jpg 225.jpg 299.jpg IMG_3087.jpg IMG_3737.jpg IMG_4393.jpg IMG_5426.jpg IMG_7112.jpg
  5. Bargainous price G. What an awesome first bus for someone...the extra kit alone is worth '000's. All the best with the sale:(
  6. Bargain price indeed, whats the alloy metalwork in one of the last pictures? is it oil cooler mount
  7. was wondering that too

  8. Godammit! You can't sell ted that cheap. You've just halved the price of my bus now.
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  9. TOO cheap surely?
  10. davidoft

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    Tin top innit, 2 birth, looks to be priced about right I think
  11. Waaayyyy too cheap. This will sell really quickly surely.
  12. Yep going by tbr prices...... @oscar your bus is worth £1000 and mine £250 :D
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  13. Seriously though, if you know this bus like I do, and see what he's done to it , it is a bargain.
  14. Yep forgot to mention he has a new remote oil cooler fitted for long distance work in heat.
    We were going to tour South of France after only making it as far as Mick's the 1st time and staying there.
  15. If you was selling it ,the price would be 15k...:D

    I too ,

    think it is moins cher....:thumbsup:
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  16. Good luck with the sale. :thumbsup:
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    You're selling the lhd one and keeping the rhd but moving to France? Am I missing summat? Good luck anyway, great van great price
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    A super lovely bus and fab price. Good luck with the sale :)

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