Techenders virtual campout 24th-26th April

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  1. Got this idea from the Scouts that are doing this soon.

    As most of us would have booked time off work/from our wives & husband's / other halfs for the weekend of the 24th - 26th April, I am putting forward the idea of a campout on our own drives and gardens.

    This weekend will still involve work on your own bus but also tech help / banter from your favourite late bay forum and the usual amount of alcohol / take away of your choice.

    At least this way we still have a load of stupid fun, get stuff fixed and not pick up a certain virus which won't be named.

    Who is with me?
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  2. I'm not doing the takeaway run:eek:
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  3. Merlin Cat

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  4. Day

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    Great I've never made it to a tech enders (being in Italy!) but would love to...I'll feel like I can join in one..
    Lots of pics and advice and banter.
  5. I will have to get some Doom Bar in
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  6. The showers will be better
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  7. bernjb56

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  8. Will @Ermintrude and @Baysearcher argue about politics until late on the Friday night and keep everyone nearby awake, please? It won't be the same without...
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  9. Shower at Techenders? What's that?
  10. Maybe there could be a WhatsApp group created. That way everyone could post up short videos and everyone else can reply (take the pee) out of them. It could go live on the Friday morning just as the first people ‘arrive’ then close on Sunday evening, perhaps with fireworks.
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  11. The fireworks happen when @Baysearcher and @Ermintrude discuss argue about politics on Friday night!!!!
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  12. I’ve heard that’s more of a sexual tension thing. :) Snotty told me. Keep it to yourself.
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  13. No, No, No.
    That's totally wrong.
    We all know the sexual tension thing is between @crossy2112 and @Barry Haynes!
  14. Right-oh let's do the usual. Copy and paste what you are planning on doing.

    @SkutterBob Rear wheel arch scrape and paint. Also attempt to fit front cab belly pan.
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  15. I think posting videos up is a good idea. As otherwise we would all be talking at once.

    @mikedjames welding up a hole in the cab floor.
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  16. If each person did a sort of step by step commentary on their video, it could actually build up into a pretty good video library of how to’s
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  17. @SkutterBob Rear wheel arch scrape and paint. Also attempt to fit front cab belly pan.
    @mikedjames welding up a hole in the cab floor.
  18. We could use an app like house party for the evening beers. You set up rooms for up to eight people each and you can swap between them. It is like Skype calls.
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  19. That sounds good.. should we invite Eddie as well?
    And we all have a Doom Bar and and later a Jagermeister.
  20. Fixed , thank me later :thumbsup:

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