Techenders, September edition!

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  1. Brilliant weekend, weather great, company great, what else needs to be said?

    An onlooker watches the spectacle unfold :eek:

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  2. A bit of twiddling going on :eek:


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  3. :mad:
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  4. no need to be angry youth, no need to be angry :D

    You missed a good un!
  5. :mad: ... :thinking: ... Ok, as you said "youth" ... :) I'm soooooooo happy for you all! Better? :rolleyes:
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  6. :lol:

    In Derbyshire speak, when referred to as youth, it should be taken as a compliment :D

    Seriously Mike, it would have been good to see you up at Techenders, next April maybe?
  7. Well ....... despite the fact that I seem to be wildly swinging between chasing the wedding business and selling the bus, and the project to boot, April TE is the plan.
    I'm literally counting the days down to my 60th next August, which is the "deadline" for finishing work on our building, having a holiday-let up and running, and getting somewhere with the so called wedding business.
    Some debts to clear first though, largely brought about by Mr I-cant-weld, and selling up would be like letting him win .....
    So it's "complicated"!
  8. jeez sounds like you have a lot going on, you can only do so much with your time :(

    Good luck with finishing the holiday let, I hope you get that completed and it becomes a success, the photo's you've shared on here look nicely done, I don't see why it wont. TLB discount :D

    I think you are right in saying that selling the bus (a bus as nice as the one you have) would indeed be letting him win, you cant do that as a matter of principle, a good guy must win for a change!

    I hope you get in April :thumbsup:
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  9. You were missed so make sure you get your bum to next years. There’s a few big birthdays coming up next year, we’ve some celebrating to do!
  10. :hattip:you're on the money about "time"
    ... there's also keeping tabs on mi Da, (who's on his own in London and at 91 will only meet up with folk if it's for an audition or filming) ... and the so called "CFS" :rolleyes: which means there are only about six productive hours in the day :confused:

    Well I've been mulling the idea of inviting a select few from TLB to nip over here on the Sunday of the next "Keith's Field" .......:thinking:
  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Do we have to have technical ability to be invited? :)
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  12. :D
    Absolutely not!
    I can't do a @Mrs_Robo style open invite so I expect there might be a few cases of "was it something I said" ......
    You watch. All manner of folk will start a prolific post liking campaign :p
  13. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    I got the first like in! Boom.
  14. Yes but for you, no need ;)
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  15. Damm, @JamesLey beat me to it, I'm sooooo transparent :oops:
  16. Who said that?
    If you're this far down the island it would be churlish not to show up!
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves though ... It's just an idea!
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  17. Here are my pictures - all 216 of them.
    Featuring Landmarks, moss in Landmark side marker, nice night shots of the post-pub on Saturday and so on.

    It was great meeting up with so many of you, I cant remember all of the names, I even lost track of how many buses I poked around in, with @paradox pointing me at them..

    These are all 1024x768. Original 18MP versions are available.


    Please dont run your bus without an oil pressure switch that works.

    Kadrons can be converted to provide a vacuum advance signal for an SVDA using a drill and JB weld - I found a link on

    I may be persuaded to make some nicely made stainless brackets for those with Devon pop-tops with no space for the rail on the awning.

    I may be persuaded to make a fuel gauge which fits in the space in the cluster , has an OLED screen instead and shows a fuel gauge and an miles to go estimate.
  18. upload_2019-9-16_20-31-19.jpeg Who broke the wind:eek:

    Break :D
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