Techenders - September 3rd - 5th 2021

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  1. first bus was a 1600. had it about a week when the belt let go... warning light didn't come on and by the time i realised something was up the engine was toast. That would be getting on for 30 plus years ago now and I've not had a type 1 engine since! (not in a bus in any case. had a beetle or two)
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  2. F_Pantos

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    Where's the photos everyone?

    This time back in June, collectively we'd done two sets of rear brake drum adjustment, taken @Fruitcake's engine almost out, tuned up @simon's engine and I'd started fretting about my roof removal and that's just the stuff I can remember.

    Without photos, it hasn't happened ;)

    Bet they're all sat there drinking tea :rolleyes:
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  3. theBusmonkey

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    Doesn't take long does it. Frighteningly fast actually with a type1 engine.
    We stripped 3 Woodruff keys..yeah three, over the space of a couple of days driving up through France some years ago.
    The last one went literally on the slipway of the road to the ferry and although the port was a only a couple of miles away it was far enough.
    Threw the fourth and last one in and made it back but that was somewhat stressful!
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  4. Fruitcake

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  5. Fruitcake

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    Yep, you've called it :theforce:
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  6. Just packing. Anyone need owt I might have… spares wise!
  7. Fruitcake

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    Oops, meant to reply to @F_Pantos, small keyboard and large fingers :oops:
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  8. paul2590

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    Looks like I’ll have to give this one a miss

    Just haven’t had time to polish my tire treads

    Have a great weekend & behave

    PS I think I just saw MikeJames on M25

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  9. Going which way lol
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    Hahahaha, @Fruitcake! C'mon you lazy lot!
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  12. We should have an award for furthest travelled! Think Mike might usually get that!
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  13. Well the sun's out here..:chewie:

    After the recent gloom..

    it's like Egypt...:cool:
  14. areksilverfish

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    ..won’t make it today as planned ..turns out my wifes working afternoon and will not be back before 9 so I need to stay home with our kids..sooo will be coming tomorrow early morning..see you down there

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  15. MorkC68

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    In Rovveram its basking in the afternoon sun...……… :D
  16. scrooge95

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    Sun’s passed the yard arm, so it’s beer o’clock :)



  17. Cat had four kittens last night, kept me up… 2 tortoise shells, a ginger and a black. So cant go today and need to get up saturday morning about 6 to get there for 9-10ish….and if anybody wants a (little, tiny) kitten gizza shout :)

    Anybody got an awning canopy for sale?
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  18. Bring kids. Leave wife at home. Happy days
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  19. Don’t tell my Mrs for gods sake!
  20. Soz. Can't make as gutter paint job still bare steel stage - another time. Have a good'n.

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