Techenders September 2016 weekend of 23/24/25 Who's coming?

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  1. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    yeah i laughed when i came across that video
    You can tell I'm not a web designer though!

    Its mainly other peoples content chucked on a free web page
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  2. Is there a website for techenders? Or am I just being a bit thick

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  3. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter
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  5. What a great idea! Well done @paulcalf

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  6. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Its only a description, some photos from various sources and

    @Sick Boy 's fantastic blog report of a past techenders

    Just to give people a flavour of what its all about and why they should go
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  7. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    very little of it is my work!
  8. Really good idea and really like the way it solves any issues re the dark side!

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  9. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    I'll try and find some photos from either the first or second TEs
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  10. Louey

    Louey Moderator

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  11. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

  12. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Looks brilliant Paul!

    Thanks for linking my blog, its not on the level as Johns (sickbaydays) but its a work in progress & Ill keep adding to the T/E section as well as other parts of it :thumbsup:
  13. :) peaceenders ....... nothing like having your own space!
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  14. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Thanks I was just about to message you and John @Sick Boy to let you know your content had been used/nicked for the site
    @pkrboo pop top kitchen gets a link as well
    as does @Victoria Farm

    Thanks also to @Razzyh and @mikedjames @sANDYbAY @fugly76 for the photos

    So basically thanks to anyone who's content has been used
    Anyone want content removed then let me know and i'll pass it on to the team!
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  15. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Ive no problem with it being linked, any images of mine on here, feel free to use if you wish :)
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  16. That is a brilliant site, absolutely brilliant. And thanks very much for the link to my blog. Feel free anytime.
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  17. paradox

    paradox Supporter

    Loving the sickbay techenders write up
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  18. Good job Paul - good to have all the info in one place :)

    My job is internet development and so if you ever need any functionality added to it or help with it just give a shout :)
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  19. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Very kind offer. I'll pm you when I get chance. As a free site it is very limited with what can be done. I may end up purchasing some space for other things, so may be possible in the future
  20. Love the write up @sickbay cheers !! I learnt all I no there and it's normally enough to keep my bus running love a good techenders

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