Techenders Sept 2018 ?

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  1. Can't you just turn it the other way up?
  2. You can pile much more clotted cream on if you do it jam first ....and that's all that matters !
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  3. Depends on the clotted cream - I ended up with more clotted cream than jam in Cornwall. Also had to give up scones to family members so ended up with tiny fragments of scone, big lump of cream, small blob of jam.
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    Got to be Rodda’s clotted cream
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  5. The scone is just the medium for getting the cream into your mouth....only a little jam is needed for added flavour.
    When the wife and I have cream teas, I struggle to have enough cream and pinch half of hers.
  6. @scrooge95 well i thought it was Karmann gypsy's ;)
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  7. So just as a little aside, I was thinking that after techenders - as I’m half way up the country already - I’d book an extra three days off work..... so what to do with it. Any suggestions? I quite fancy Wales, maybe over to the west coast for a night or two and then drive in a leisurely style back home. What dya reckon?
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  8. yorkshire is the only way to go! :thumbsup:
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  9. Climb Snowdon, stay at Barmouth
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  10. Yorkshire dales - end of

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  11. I can't argue with the Dales :)
  12. I’m half Yorkshire it’s chips then gravy :thumbsup:
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  13. I also love the Dales & am on holiday here now.......
    It's a bit of a mission for 3 days though.
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  14. Where about are you?
  15. Settle at the moment
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  16. Yeah, I’d love to head up there, but it would just be taking me further away from home - that’s why I was thinking Wales as at least it’s on a level (ish) with techenders.
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  17. Derbyshire is nice in September, plenty of places to stay & if you like a spot of walking, lots of those too!
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    Wales for the choice of mountains or beaches, neither Derbyshire or the dales can offer that !
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  19. Nottingham can :D
  20. have they got the beach in slab square again?
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