Techenders April 21-23 2017

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    Yep, & I was on the phone last night to a forum member regarding some of the bit's he'll need for us to help fit his solar panels at TE, weather permitting.
    We met through TE & our friendship grew from there.
    We'll catch up only twice a year with the common interest of our love of the T2, it's not all about drinking. It's about the buses ultimately.
    ...although it can seem like massive Oktoberfest on the forum sometimes, :rolleyes:, but then as discussed ad infinitum we know the forum 'aint real!
    BTW @Dicky doesn't drink you know...
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  2. If you read the magazine 'Events list' you will read the bottom entry is the date of the next magazine
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  3. Its my Methodist upbringing!
  4. Get the list going @Baysearcher . Stop us getting negative eh!
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    I'll lock this now to avoid having 2 running.
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