Techenders - 6th - 8th May. Who’s coming?

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  1. Merlin Cat

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    top photo
  2. paul2590

    paul2590 Supporter

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  3. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Got home half an hour ago, we’ll sleep tonight :D

    roof testing in progress and ice cream from Saturday before pulled pork chiabatas ( thanks @pkrboo ) :food:

    Tilly took the van for a spin too :eek:


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  4. Kruger

    Kruger Sponsor

    Learnt how to not boil a kettle this morning….[​IMG]

    Now realised I had the cooking plate bit on upside down

    Scraped off the mess this evening, got a bit lucky as the inferno has not damaged the board itself, so just need to relaminate it.


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  5. Home about 6pm, completed car park Jenga in 10 minutes which is a record I think[​IMG]

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  6. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Looks like you all had a great weekend. :)
  7. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    Well, we were leaving early but had a word and nah....
    So still techendering!

    Amazing weekend as always. Thank you all so much for your friendship and hospitality x
  8. an interesting breakfast choice

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  9. ginger ninja

    ginger ninja Supporter

    Thank you everyone for an amazing techenders. Great photos too. (Think @CollyP fire one wins it for me. )

    I was a little bit apprehensive coz a couple (but not all) of my wing men were missing this time but Doombar soon put that fear to rest!

    Thank you especially to Chris for all his help and kindness with my Propex plans. You are a top bloke. And to everyone else who helped me. Iain, Rick, Simon, Matt, Neil, and the @MR SAM HODSON who lent me the use of his car battery and gave me the info on the thermostat to get the thing fired up. And Sarah who was so thoughtful and actually took bits and bobs with her to help me! Still many people I haven’t had the courage to talk to yet but there is always next time once the Doombar flows and fires are lit……

    All the best to everyone

  10. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    There ya go Paul. We were stood there thinking..what could possibly go wrong :)
  11. paradox

    paradox Supporter

    It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend
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  12. just a techenders VW Golf LPG conversion

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  13. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Good to see you (and the propex that took up temporary residence in my garage for about 12 months) again Paul…. Sorry you didn’t get to do the install this weekend, but it’s a step closer.
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  14. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

  15. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator


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  17. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    I bet @scrooge95 cooked it, it's not burnt!!! :p
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  18. flap was deployed due to complaints from @davidoft who was complaining about being subjected to the British Standard Tradesman's Crack! some people are easily offended!
  19. Norris

    Norris Supporter

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  20. DubCat

    DubCat Sponsor

    Ah the good old BSTC :D
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