Techenders 29/09 - 01/10 - Who's coming?

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Baysearcher, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. The bus is washed and mostly packed, just gotta do the shopping online for delivery tomorrow and then the small matter of going to work until 4 o'clock Friday.
    Hope to leave home by 5pm:chewie:
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  2. Remind me not to park downwind of you:eek:
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  3. It's exclusively for Davidoft!
    They're his faves don't ya know...
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  4. He's welcome to it:D
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  5. just to let you guys know I can't make it this time, SO BUSY at the moment. so have a good un' :thumbsup:
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  6. Labradoodle issue??
  7. haha relax:D
    It's only irresponsible owners who don't keep their dogs under control and expect everyone else to feed them that dont get welcomed back.
    You'll be fine:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  8. I chucked it in earlier and it`s in the bottom drawer if / when I can`t find it , OK :thumbsup:
    I got a few rivets, I`m sure we can find some to fit.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,, No hassle, just didn`t want to forget,,,,,like I normally do:)
  9. I`ve never seen one of these, I`d love to have a look at how it works. Heard of it loads of times as some mates in the Mek Nik trade and of course I`m not allowed to `not` know what it is or how it works so I just nod me head.;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,But I`ll know this weekend and my life will be complete :);):)
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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    On a long shot........don't suppose anyone bringing a sEwing machine? My headliner needs sewing whee the rods go in :D
  11. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Could've brought my daughters...she's used it twice since getting it for Christmas ....she's booked on a sewing course on Saturday though...soz
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  12. [​IMG]
    10 vans on a Thursday most ever

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  13. Bloody Pikey!
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  14. haha that's funny Paul.
    the reason that has tickled me is because I always travel with a rivet gun!!:eek: It's part of the spares/tool kit and lives under the drivers seat along with....
    a box of assorted rivets
    towing strap
    work shorts and an old T shirt
    a demister pad
    dissy cap x 2
    spare battery terminals
    spare fuel cap
    cable ties
    wd40 (small can)
    moly grease
    brake fluid
    gas filler nozzles
    spare stop light switch
    bulb for front halogen spot
    ball of string
    wood glue
    touch-up paint
    electrical tape
    a dustpan brush
    a bottle of Redex
    and a spare 13mm spanner....just in case I loose one of the other 2.

    ...and that's just under the driver seat:cheers:
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  15. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Food food fooooood.
  16. lol, Mrs BM is just serving up cajun chicken burgers with home made sweet potato you doooo like those don't you???
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  17. Whys the writing back to front on the Thatchers can?
    Or am I yellow snowed?
  18. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Ooooo I do, I actually bought some brioche buns today :D
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  19. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I need it for doing stunts on, I've literally been looking at them this week
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  20. #thursdaynightsgetmessy :D
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