Techenders - 27/28/29 April

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  1. LOL.....who's idea was it to have ouzo !!! :eek::oops::eek::oops:
  2. No worries Congi, I've messaged with Zed.
    He said we was lucky you didn't drive over the oil :eek:

    Thanks for the kind comments about my bus:):oops:
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  3. ooh, I know who it was.... is there a prize? :D
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  4. I’ll let my T5 mate know!

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  6. Yes I remember, good skills I thought

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  7. watch it sunshine! :D
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  8. Thank you both so much. a very anxious drive back but @Louey made sure i was ok. I think i just need to get the brakes as good as they can be and start driving it more. getting in and out of Bradford is like wacky racers.... it's nerve wracking at the best of times. I also need to get used to driving my bus again :(

    I don't even use the bug that much. i tend to cycle as much as i can or get the train into leeds as it's easier than driving/parking
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  9. I know it’s already been posted but it still makes me laugh
    @Louey on @ermintrudes Sh1t Box


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  10. :eek:
    that sentence just sounds so, so wrong.

    form, function and fun... that's what good design should be about :)
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  11. It does sound so wrong , you even let me have a go on it and I don’t know you as well as Leon

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  12. What I want to know is how many does it hold :D
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  13. Was Lisa's rowdy drunken sister there..:thinking:
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  14. 35 in 2nd seems ok and 50 in 3rd

    Dont you have a fourth?
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  15. I've not met her. Only Lisa 'I'll have a half please' Ermintrude. She was very refined.

    (for a northerner) :)
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  16. A half pint of Ouzo...;)
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  18. Has it got a forth :thinking::thinking::thinking:???,

    LOL, yes 4th gets me to about 60
    65 down hill
    up hill in 4th (like midlands uphill bit of the M5).......forget it .....foot flat to the floor and going slower
    so @davidoft @Flakey said drop the box and give it more welly, which is what I tired and was feeding back the results.

    thank you for your reply and help:thumbsup:
    Hope you got back ok.
    See you at Stanford Hall:)
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