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  1. Art b, I have just clicked on who you are. Thanks for all your help with my wiring loom.
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  2. no worries ,
    it did seem a bit of a challenge with no written instructions....:confused:
    kkep us all posted with how it goes...:thumbsup:
  3. I seemed to be alright. Woke up with a cracking hangover Sunday morning though, and I didn't even drink that much...
  4. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    I had an awful sleep on Saturday. Bad stomach.
  5. there seems to be a theme developing...:thinking:
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  6. I has hangover both mornings
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  7. i'm not sure my hangover has run its course yet :(
  8. I think I'm just over it but just on way home with 58 can of larger to load bus up for the weekend in Chester and Shrewsbury in daisy :beer: I love owning a camper ! Even the rain won't stop me leaving in next hour
  9. I'm just recharged... Ready for weekend number two :-0
  10. Was gonna come over with some cakes but I'm sat in awning with few cans now on a farm campsite and if these monkey's don't stop screaming I tell ya I still might come over lol ,they have a monkey pen I'm at greenacres park farm in Chester !! Noisey monkeys here lol
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  11. chimpeee wk end :eek:
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  12. :TTIWWP:
    I just said to mrs daisy iv just set myself up for a pun here :p Xx good work barn enjoy ur weekend !
  13. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I slept well, ate plenty and woke up feeling and looking wonderful :D
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  14. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I had a very lovely time thank you very much :) a shame I had to shoot off Saturday lunch time, but hockey club end of season 'do' beckoned and had I missed it my place for next season may have been null and void :eek: I had a curry tho and pretended I was there with you all and I also had a banging headache due to San Miguel fresca intake Friday night to be a reminder of TE's :)
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  15. The fresca was very nice. Sorry i didnt get the opportunity to return the favour.
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