Techenders 18/19 APRIL 2015 - Who's coming & What you doing?

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  2. Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend. Thank you @rickyrooo1 for sorting everything out, @pkrboo for amazing food, @1973daisey for sorting the reverse lights issue & providing a dog entertainer, @davidoft for the seatbelt risers, and everyone we had the pleasure & privilege of spending time with or around.
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  3. Didn't hear a thing i was right next to you .....but 3 old Rosie's 2 Titanic white Stars 2 Doombars 1 speckled hen and white wine night cap . A great weekend cheers .
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  4. Glad you all had a great time , i saw a green latebay heading north was it any of you lot ?
  5. Thanks for the cakes Mrs Robo... ginger one was delish! :)
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  6. Moons

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    I did this on the way down, just south of Tamworth.

    Except they were in a br0wn bay.

    :eek: This was a joke too good to miss!!!!
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  7. Green seemed quite popular - i think there were 4 very tidy vans there so ....

    Probably !

  8. Good to meet you Bob, and @Lasty too. Nice looking bus you have there... glad it's running better now your points are adjusted. I'd definitely recommend an Accuspark though...I'm sure my bus was running smoother and cooler on the way home. :)
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  9. check the bulb in the dash, @Baysearcher had that problem
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  10. could of been me, but i was towing the puck
  11. Check the connection of the wires to the alternator - I had a problem way back when the conversion seas first done with a loose connection that I was able to pick up on because I have a voltmeter on the dash.
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  12. Home safe, thanks everyone for making it awesome.

    Is it bed time now?
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  13. No - it's wine o'clock!
  14. I had a great weekend and it was nice to meet so many people for the first time aswell as meet up with old freinds
  15. Thanks had a great weekend, great to see my two and @1973daisey playing together makes it a family thing too. Sorry had to rush off but Wicksteed beckoned. :)
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  16. What a great start to the season, thanks for the organising Rickyroo .
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  17. Cheers
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  18. Ive just opened a bottle of hobgoblin:beer:
  19. Enjoy.

    I'd have a beer, but that'd mean going to the fridge and I don't think I've got the energy to get off the sofa now I've sat down
  20. Poor planning! beers and vino should always be within arm's reach!

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