Techenders, 11th - 13th June 2021. Who's There...?...

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  1. Cheers mate, don’t want to make the same mistake as last time and drive round Lutterworth for hours looking for a cash machine

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  2. Cheeky request. A couple of my belly pan self tappers are a bit loose. Does anybody have a couple of the next size up handy for techenders?
    My existing screw Sizeis 14g x 3/4 - Metric = 6.3 x 19mm.
  3. Didnt someone take a keyboard last year ?
  4. It was a few years ago. @Patrick Nguyen
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  5. And he played relaxing churchy music ..... very well

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  6. bernjb56

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    It was a nice, if a tad strange, way to be woken up.
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  7. Better than the day before. I was next to @Mattlad who was bashing seven bells out of his driveshafts at 7.30 in the morning*

    *some of the above may be nowt but hyperbole and exaggeration!
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  8. :D
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  9. Both partially correct - I was using my donger to bash seven bells out of my driveshaft - just a thing I like to do. DON'T JUDGE ME
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  10. I really want to come but van in bits and working in Brentwood, might call in on way up , will see how it goes .
    If I don't make it good luck everyone , see you next time
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  11. Iam more worried about the dog maird left over ...I was once very unfortunate to pick up a red rich dog stool in the dark , only to spread it on the bus floor like warm butter :(
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  12. They do some good beer there ...well it was last time i was in .
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  13. Not wishing to fall out with anybody at all, I’ll show you exactly where the volume switch is and please feel welcome to use it. After eleven or so, it’s rarely above chatting level anyway, but don’t suffer in silence, I’d sooner not use it.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,Hey! Fruity! Has you got your Wurlitzer?:)
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  14. Can you show me where the off button is then
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  15. I'm heading down tomorrow, is there a there a code/ number for the entrance barrier?. :thumbsup:
  16. Yeas, but you stop at it and pay first then they give you the code.

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  17. Dazza

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    Not quite .. since covid , you are more than welcome to use the code **** and apparently Doug is collecting money for Jackie
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  18. Ah yes I thought there might have been a change

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