Taxing vehicle with new keeper supplement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zedders, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. What am I doing wrong? It asks for a 12 digit number, there are only 11 digits on the slip. :(
  2. Is it same on docs for bus?? only 11 digits
  3. davidoft

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    You can only tax with the supplement at the post office as far as I know, there's an extra digit on the v5
  4. you can't have the green slip as this has an extra digit at the beginning of the reference no
  5. I have the green slip, it has 11 numbers, not sure what you mean. :)
    That's what I thought the answer would be - the slip is dfated 2001 so maybe they bung an extra number on them now.
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  6. I just checked a couple of mine, but they are they new type, and the green section has an additional digit in front of the 11 digit V5 reference number.
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  7. I wouldn't wear a green slip, anyway. It's not going to match anything in your wardrobe, let's face it.
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  8. Green slip is PO only, not online. Hopefully that is off the last issued V5 or they might get grumpy about that too.
  9. I'm sure that there is a line underneath the box that u enter the reference from your reminder. That says to tax it if you only have the new keeper bit or the v5c that then takes you to a different screen where you enter in the new keeper reference.
  10. Yes you do but it insists you have 12 digits. If I was registered keeper already, 11 digits would do, but I'm not, the car came from the trade and is still registered to the chap who owned it previously.
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    Just apply for a new v5 in your name?
  12. Yes, but meanwhile I need to tax it, no?
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    The bay?
  14. go post office , computer it say no
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    Whatever it is you gotta have mot and insure on it 1st haven't you?
  16. No, my hot new wheels - a bronze coloured Honda Accord Auto. :thumbsup:
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  17. What bit do you have??
    Can you upload pic to see what it says
    Cause it you go to this link
    It says there it you are a new keeper and if you only have the v5c/2 the green slip you can tax it.
  18. Yep, did the insurance, it has MOT, but when it came to tax computer said no, so I drove home tax free. :)
    Yes I know all that, I've been trying! V5C/2 I have, but mine has 11 numbers and when we checked so does the first half a dozen we found. I'm not going to take a picture, I can count to 12 thanks. :)
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    Post office tomorrow then
  20. why you no rissen
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