Tatton park August 1st.

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  1. Done - you are right Martin - it used to be £7.50
  2. I think the prices have gone up as they're not allowed the full capacity of a normal previous year but still have to pay the full whack for the use of Tatton Park. They barely make much of a profit normally so it may run at a loss this year.
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  3. Theres still a couple of spots free if anyone wants a place on the club stand.
  4. Can I book a spot on the stand please.
  5. Yep, i've just added you to the conversation. All the details are on there.
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  7. It's possible, but August is busy with other commitments so far .
  8. Still 2 places left. Tickets are selling fast from the sound of it and once they're gone theres no 'pay on the gate' entries.
  9. What stand no are you at?

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