Tatton 2019

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  1. A few photos to start the ball rolling. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. .. and some more[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. So nice to meet everyone today and put some faces to names.
    We met the heavy rain on the M6 north it was prity bad did it get to you guys or miss the show?

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  4. I was nearly the last to go at about 3:25pm and it was still dry then. Rain hit as i got to J24 on M6.
    Got directed left towards Knutsford exiting the show as there was an accident in the exit queue apparently. First time i've been through Knutsfords and it looked quite nice. No idea where i was going though as i couldn't see any signs pointing towards the M6 north.

    Flat 2?
    2019-08-04 10.46.25.jpg

    Some nice 80s watercooled stuff. Didn't take any piccies of the newer golfs as they just bore me.
    2019-08-04 13.49.13.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.21.05.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.42.47.jpg

    2019-08-04 13.22.57.jpg
    2019-08-04 12.36.06.jpg

    2019-08-04 10.24.33.jpg
    2019-08-04 10.26.35.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.21.50.jpg 2019-08-04 10.24.52.jpg
  5. Coupe was nice.
    2019-08-04 13.42.56.jpg

    Holey 356
    2019-08-04 13.16.02.jpg

    2019-08-04 13.14.59.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.11.35.jpg
    2019-08-04 10.25.05.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.11.49.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.59.40.jpg
    2019-08-04 13.45.15.jpg

    Happy 50th birthday.
    2019-08-04 13.17.30.jpg

    I still really, really want one of these.
    2019-08-04 14.03.14.jpg
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  6. Well Done - I was just about to upload mine until I found that I had the camera on video by mistake.
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  7. This video popped up on facebook last night. Our partially filled plot is seen briefly at 17 secs in.
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