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    I like the idea of a twin slider, I have some ideas for a great interior based on one.
  2. So a remapped 140 is better than by turbo174 but if cash stretched further a newer 180 is ok...
  3. Been and had a look at a local 1 that a friend told me about......Jesus
    A 2005 1.9 diesel with 230,000 miles on the clock and won't take less than 8k...it wasn't in a1 nic either..
  4. Buy a transit custom.
  5. I did look at 1....
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  8. We've had two. And have still got the second.

    Plenty of upsides, smooth, solid, hold value, little rust.

    Get a LWB if you can, the extra length makes such a difference. Full campers in a swb can feel small.

    There are some very very big bills to watch out for, and they aren't easy (impossible!!) to maintain yourself.
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  9. Bought our T6 few years ago was a panel van but converted to kombi, fitted 30mm springs and got a set of 16 inch alloys with new tyres as was cheaper than buying tyres. Everyone sticks 20s on their van so for £160 they were cheap. Weve had pallets on bricks one week and drove abroad next. Been Italy, Spain and France a few times. With 4 adults, a dog and camping gear can still get 600 miles on a tank at 70+ mph.
    Only issues are common, battery/egr light and door locks.
    Will keep it another 2 years and still get good money for it.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. I think so... tbh, once I’d bought mine I didn’t really pay any attention to the later models or the T6 improvements.

    Fixing the EGR stuff would run into thousands compared to remapping a 140!

    We looked at some rotters before we bought ours and if you want something worthwhile it’ll be well over £10k. They have all had a working life so may need some attention somewhere
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  11. VW have stopped using the Blackberry colour on production last year ...can't think why ...a lot of van converters were surprised at the decision .
    Very impressive colour when the sun shines on it ...strangely non descript in dull weather .
  12. Completely agree, doesn’t pop in full weather. Mine’s metallic black which also pops in sunlight... when it’s clean, waxed and polished!!

    VW have an aubergine type colour that I saw on a new Golf, similar principle to blackberry (and may be its replacement) but it really is a bit of a polished poo colour!!
  13. We purchased our T30 TDi in 2012 off a neighbour for £8500 (which was a good price). He had purchased it from his former employee as part of a redundancy deal and the boss bought it new in 2006 and my neighbour was the only one who used it all the time. As such I knew the full service history and that as the former owner and my neighbour did work for the local VW garage it was well maintained.

    When we bought it the mileage was around 110,000 and it’s with a hung head that I tell you that the mileage after 8yrs is only 144,000 (average 3,600 miles a year).

    With it being the 2.5 V5 turbo it goes like stink and will get you a speeding ticket if you’re not careful. There is also no EGR valve. Also due to it being registered when it was the road tax is thankfully £265 a year, as after the date ours was registered the excise duty went silly for a while.

    From our ownership I can say that the van eats front tyres and they do wear down quickly and I can only put it down to the weight of the engine. But the air conditioning and cruise control do make for comfy driving. As does the built in satnav and multidisc CD player.


    In 2015, we had to have the water pump changed as it’s common for them to leak and water gets into the oil. That was a £400 bill.
    In 2017, we had to have a new rear brake calliper, new discs and pads, new rear springs and shock absorbers, new handbrake cables, new front shock absorbers and a full service. That was a £1700 bill
    In 2018, it was found out that the front subframe was corroded due to a battery acid leak prior to our ownership. In addition the air conditioning compressor seized shearing the coupler/pulley. That bill,was £1800
    In 2020, the ABS unit had a problem and the new part was £1250, but thankfully I found a company that refurbished the original (they are coded to the vehicle) and the bill was £500.

    We were going to convert it to a camper but it has seating for 6 and the rear seat folds and is removable so we have been able to,use the van to haul,lots of bits and bobs.

    I’ve had many ask if the van is for sale and the chap I bought it off wants first refusal if I do decide to sell as he misses the van!

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  14. There is a van converter company in Derby that bought the last batch of Blackberry vans ...remember seeing them lined up .

    I asked how much they would be sorted and it was way over my budget .
    I ended up going over to Norwich to look at a T6 blackberry van which was priced quite low for what it was ...reason being two nasty scratches on both sides of the van at the rear .
    It was at the VW dealership gave me a good discount , very pleased as the scratches were where the van windows were to be fitted , so no big deal .
    The rest of the van was mint , it was used by the dealership to go around re vamping the pc's at various other vw dealerships so i was told .
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  15. 20200426_115706.jpg 20200314_122332 (1).jpg 20200314_102226.jpg 20200314_120605.jpg Recently sold my T6 LWB 204 DSG 4motion. It was an absolute epic van , I've had manuals and dsg and the DSG is defo the one to go for, 204 is powerful for a van but you'll only get 30 mpg at best.
    Best bet is the 150 DSG model ,can always remap if you wanted more power. Once you've had a DSG you won't go back to a manual. pic's are just for fun .
    Was a real shame I had to sell it , covid-19 meant no income and lots of uncertaincy so needs must !! :(:(
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  16. If only I knew...
  17. That would of suited me just right...shame you sold it..but as you said needs must
  18. £5650 in 8 years and 35,000 miles. Over the same span and double the mileage my golf cost £26 + tyres. And your neighbour wants it back? lol. Nutters the lot of you, it's cheaper running an old bay. :)
  19. Must admit I was a bit shocked at the 'acceptable' running costs ..

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  20. Eh what? Not being funny but how can the build quality be described as spot on when the slider repeatedly falls off and the gearbox only lasts 60k? Frankly it sounds crap!
    Our last van at work was a Toyota, in 9 years it did 350k miles and only needed wear and tear stuff like tyres, brakes and servicing. It literally never went wrong:thumbsup:
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