FOR SALE T4 Karmann Colorado Edition

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  1. Year is 2003
    Milage is 115.000miles
    2.5 TDI
    4 berth
    Had this for two years now, faultless..
    I've done a lot of putting things right since we bought this, I'll list all......
    New RHD front lights
    New Rear lights
    New Fiami side awning
    New cooker
    New toilet cassette
    New exhaust
    New roof sky light
    Had the grille re-chromed
    Rare drivers door lockable locker, genuine VW
    The complete van was stripped of all the old stickers and new ones applied
    The inside is untouched, by that I mean no one gas added, screwed bit to the inside, no rips, tears, smoking stains, dogs hair, baby spit in this van, its nearly perfect, best we have seen.
    Has cruise control, air con, five speed, bike rack, loads of storage
    This was a one owner van up till we bought it, out side all as it should be.
    Has hot water, thermostatic heating that beyond belief, toilet, shower, four berth, rear lounge, full size fridge with freezer.
    I'm only selling to buy a later van.
    Ring me on 07813-947415 but be quick, these don't hang around to long.
    Price is £25000 firm, worth every penny.
    The registration I'll be taking off when sold.
    Photo is the best I have at moment.
    Can get more.


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  2. 25k asking price with 1 lazy photo, very ambitious...
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  3. Expensive but ...... :thumbsup:

  4. I have seen it in the flesh and its a very tidy van. good luck with the sell
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    Did this sell ?
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  7. :)
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    It’s not THE one, this is the better one
  9. I don't think it's better, the other one is better
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