T4 heat exchangers.

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    T4 heat exchangers (both types of exhaust port). VW Heritage. £199 each 10/10

    I replaced my Californian exhaust system for a standard one. The fit is good give or take a tap of the hammer here and there around the fan outlet slots. The grey paint is a little on the thick side in places. Only really notable when you have to connect up the heater pipes but with a little sanding down it all went together well. And the line up with the rear muffler was spot on.

    I'd heard about new exchangers not having the same output as OEM items. I can honestly say that they are right. The heat output does feel a little reduced. The through flow however is brilliant. I'd even go as far to say better but that might be because I've managed to make the system more efficient in reducing leaks because my near side riser pipe was not for that exchanger.

    What is noticeable is that at cruising speeds the heat is hot but not to the point where you can't rest your hand there. The totem pole does get very hot still. Around town the output feels like it cools off a bit.

    The only complaint is the awful stench you get from new exchangers.its nice at first. Like a brad new car. You can smell that you've changed something. But it took over 50 miles and a freeway cruise to burn off the smell. But that's my problem. I've have forced open heater pods. One day I'll get round to fixing them :lol:
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    A little update.

    Driving home last night and it was cold. In my 4 mile journey the heat output didn't get to a good scorch of the eyes but because of the improved trough flow the windscreen demoted much quicker than I've ever noticed in the past. The last time I drove like this it was coming home from the VoWo show and the screen took ages to demist.
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    hey stu, don't suppose you did find that plastic riser pipe in the engine bay we mentioned a few months ago?
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  4. Birdy

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    I didn't find it during the garage clear out at home but I've still to clear out the garage where the bus lives. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  5. rickyrooo1

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    cheers chuck, my plan is to reinstate the snail fan to assist my heat, it's lovely while driving but on tickover it's not good.
  6. Zed


    That's a bit of T25... What's wrong with the normal corrugated card ones?
  7. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    the cali vans have that part as well, i don't suppose it's crutial but i don't have it.
  8. Any update on your exchangers?

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