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  1. Hello there and good to be part of forum

    I've been looking to get a bus for a while and just had a big birthday so just going for it !

    Have decided against a full project (those days are gone. !!!) but happy to do any respray/new interior (well get someone else to do it! ) but needs to be sound body and engine and clean as would like to be able to use whilst planning in any restore -budget 13-20k depending on how much is already done (sure that there will be people on this forum to keep me straight on what to pay ! )

    - would prefer warm clim import & ok with LHD - needs to have a pop top for double bed , not hammocks (kids too big now! ) - easy find then !! Oh and lady prefers powder blue !!
    Easy ask then !

    So I think that I know what I want but happy to take any steers from you experienced good people !
    One point - is 2l engine a must? may do some mileage

    Looking in north England/ midlands so if any one knows of anything suitable then appreciate contact
    Many thanks
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  2. Hi, have you seen @Rpjack's for sale on this thread.

    Also, create a new post in the introduction thread, so that everyone know you are looking. You will get better responses there.
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  3. Sounds like you need a Westfalia Berlin ,should be no issue with that budget.
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  4. We have the bus minus the Pop Top, Lola is A1 from top to bottom, a Utah import, garaged for 18 years having done zero miles.
    Seeing is believing but she really is one of a kind & the real deal. Check out Gumtree for details, pearl white on Turkis & living in Doncaster!
    Top of your budget, but something to be proud of.
    Cheers, Chris

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  5. Lola at a recent wedding

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  6. ;)A full purpose made leather interior - sleep in the awning to save any potential damage

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  7. Selling our bus? Check.
    US lhd? Check.
    Not a "project"? Check.
    North of England? Check.
    Double bed in pop top? Ermmm.....No
    2L engine? Well, 1600 so that's more than 3/4 of a 2Litre :D
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  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I once upset a bloke for laughing at him when he covered his bus and slept in a tent "to save wearing the interior"
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  9. Happy days
  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

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  11. You can easily take the hammocks out & sell them on if the van you find has them fitted already. Happy hunting hope you find what you are looking for!
  12. Thanks for that advice - makes sense when you think about it ! cheers !
  13. lovely and you should be proud but not for me I'm afraid perhaps when the kids have gone but that could be a while !
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  14. Its not blue but there's a smart looking Helsinki for sale on the classifieds thread that seems to fit your bill other than colour. jaffa one, nickdrums is the seller.
  15. Mines for sale RHD Devon sorry it's got bunks and 1600 engine but solid
  16. Hi I'm selling my RHD Devon in jaffa and Pastel white 1977, based in Leeds, virtually everything enginewise is overhauled, twin carbs new head, new dizzy , stainless exhaust.
    Full size r nr bed, it does have bunks but they are clipped away. Looking for £14995, gonna do an advert when I can figure it out. Thanks Martin
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  17. image.jpg Theres nice ones here in germany for less than 20,000
    This is a bout 19000 lb. 50 p.s.

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