T2 Wiring harness replacement

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JOHN HOWARD, Jun 23, 2022.

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    That was my 1st thought too.
  3. It's 50 years old.
    The resistance is creeping up in the wires.
    Many of the connectors are failing or have been reterminated badly and the wires are shortening.
    There have been loads of mods and it's a huge mess that needs sorting out.
    But mainly because I've stripped everything out internally including the dash so she can get an internal respray so now is the perfect time...

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  4. Reviews state

    1. Colour instructions would have been nice and
      No colour instructions half of the connectors are not there and having to put old connectors on because I can’t source new ones is disheartening I would have liked to know this before I bought it so I could prepare myself for it
      Review by Big bird

      Posted on23/05/2021

    2. Good Quality but not original Spec!
      The loom is high quality and if anything feels better quality than the original which I have just removed form my bus. The item arrived well packaged but is lacking any documentation, so unless you're a professional installer (I'm not) you will likely need to refer to a wiring schema.

      I spent many hours trying to figure out why the existing loom of my '71 bus was significantly different to the new loom. Eventually I discovered that this loom follows the latest of the models that it fits - the 1972 Type 2.
      There seems to have been a significant change in the schemas from pre-1971 to the 1972 model and I can confirm that the colouring of the wires follows the factory standards shown on the 1972 schema. Search "type 2 1972 wiring schema" for reference, It would be useful if this information was stated on the product description or within the packaging of the product itself.

      It would have been useful if the various branches had some labelling on them, there is a test network branch which is labelled and is helpful but this is lacking for the rest of the loom. This is not essential but would have helped the DIY installer .

      Hopefully the above information will help others and save a lot of head scratching. To confirm - this conforms to the 1972 bus schema - remember this and it should be plain sailing!
      Review by spacebiscuit

      Posted on28/01/2017
  5. I replaced mine through Peter at Volksgoods, who also did the injection loom and leisure charging loom. Excellent product, reasonable cost and Peter is a thoroughly decent chap who was very good at responding to daft questions from me whilst I was installing :thumbsup: http://www.volksgoods.co.uk/
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  6. If you want complete loom - new wiring and fusebox send Dave at aircooledlooms.com a message. He handbuilds them to original layout and colours for your year.
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    That's bad luck. Mine's also 50 years old and as good as new once I stripped out the additions, but I know some people's aren't. I only asked because some take this on when it's not really needed and regret it, it's quite a job!
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  8. I agree - One thing you do learn with time is not just to buy something new and shiny because it is available and you can fit it. I am quite glad I kept some things off my bus because I had to put the old parts back a few years later.

    Generally, the resistance of the copper wires themselves do not change with time, unless the copper is so corroded it becomes thinner where it has dissolved.

    But the terminations can go high resistance and the wire insulation gets stiffer and more likely to crack. Where my loom has become damaged, like setting fire to a section, I have spliced wiring in, soldering and heat shrinking, in such a way that both ends of the wire are still in original colours as they are original wires.. mid way they may all be black or whatever but the ends are the right colours.

    So far the resistance issues I have seen have been that the switches become high resistance - the ignition switch and the windscreen wiper switch particularly have to handle high currents feeding a solenoid or a motor which make for arcing and burning of contacts with time. And plastic rather than ceramic bodied fuses that soften and shorten and go high resistance.
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  9. I get why you want to do it. Mine was the same as it was a South African knackered minibus. The premade ones weren't an option as they don't cater for any extras. Solution, make your own. I reckon about £300 if you're starting from scratch and need to buy everything including decent crimpers. You DO need a good colour coded diagram to work to. I spent more hours than I care to mention doing mine.
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  10. +1 that's who did nine, totally customizable
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  11. Thanks all. Some good food for thought here.

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