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  1. Four Prototypes were produced from 1975-79. One is in a museum, another is in a private collection and the other two are lost.
    Although they ran circles around the Audi Iltis in test races, VW had too much of it's budget wrapped up in the new T25 to fund Syncro production until 1983.
    It has been suggested that a Bay could be mated to a Syncro drive train. Besides the obvious suspension lift and custom front mounts, it would probably need the T25 steering and front suspension, raised engine, custom drive shafts to accommodate the T25 wheelbase's added 5', and God knows what else.
    The T2 Syncro had 16' rims and the exhaust was raised and routed through a hole in the bumper for added ground clearance.
    Take this information with a grain of salt. I just skimmed it quickly and carelessly from other sites and forums while most of my attention was on fervently dreaming of owning one of these bad-asses.
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  2. I seen the one in the museum. I'd love one too. ;)
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  6. And the buses in those videos aren't even 4 wheel drive! Two have a slight lift and maybe bigger rims, but basically all of our buses can do that!
    Oh wait, unless of course you are one of those people who likes to lower buses. Suckers! 8)
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    Most lowering jobs achieve none of those though because people ignore camber etc.....
  9. Nice, but no real point, as 'normal' 2 wheel drive Bays are more suited to rough terrain than usual 2 wheel drive vehicles. Once I drove a 'normal' Bay over 200km of 4x4 only tracks in Australia. The sign at the start of the road said something like '4 wheel drive only for 200km'. I thought what the hell, let's go for it. Made it with ease, even through a rain storm which turned the tracks into over foot-deep thick mud in places. Just conked out going through a river (water in some electrical part or something - fortunately one of my 2 mates on board was an ex-AA man). We still refer to the trip as 'Rally Cross Australia 2000 Sideways'. With the weight over the rear wheels, buses are simply superb in mud and tough terrain.
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  11. This video shows you don't need a syncro to go off road:

    More info here:

    I'd love to find a late bay double cab shell and a rotten (or rolled) T25 syncro and marry the two together to make a syncro bay.
    Something like this:
    Its one of my planned post lottery win projects (and i have loads) which i'd love to build.
    Just need all those presky numbers to come up now.
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  12. Heres some piccies of the running gear of the 4x4 bays:






  13. Wheelie. ;D

    One of the syncro bays tailpipe position:
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  14. the problem is you can't drift a synchro. What is the point of having a car you can't drift? Where is the fun in that? I love to drift my bay, its great fun. I like to switch off the traction control on my car and drift that too - great fun considering its fwd
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  16. Thought i'd repost these here as it's more appropriate. I took thess at the Kafertreffen at Wolfsburg 2008.
    This is the museum prototype in action on the beach.

    Me having a nosey and going through th controls with the guy from VW R&D


    I think 5 prototypes were made although one may not have been fully functional IIRC. Also not sure about the other one being in a private collection...can that be verified? Has it ever been seen? Any pics? The VW engineer said the others were all dismantled at the factory... :( Let's hope another does sit somewhere waiting to be discovered!
  17. As I mentioned, I was so excited about the discovery of a pre-80 Syncro, I just zipped around the internet quickly gobbling up random quotes about them from articles and blogs.
    At this point I can't even remember where I saw any of it, much less verify author sources.
    Maybe it was all hooey, but I rather like the idea of an unverifiable legend of a long lost lone 79 Syncro, tucked away in the climate controlled barn of an eccentric, perhaps agoraphobic, millionaire living deep within the Black Forest or some such.
    It makes a good fireside tale, along with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
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  18. Hello to all.

    I do know that aircooled unites and especially baywindow owners care for other baywindow owners even more,don't really know why but that's how I feel.

    Please forgive me if there is any grammar or misspelling issues with my writing, English is not my native language.

    I was also so excited and so fascinated from the existence of those beauties,I have read many posts in here and on other forums for the T2B 4WDer and spent many hours of searching documents and pictures through out the internet.(Haven't we most?) :)

    I wish there were more made, just to see them at shows, but then again there wouldn't have been such an exciting feeling about them.

    Indeed it's a nice idea as its mentioned above from Baywatcher of that legendary long lost, hidden syncro.

    I also wish there was a way of getting one as a daily driver,is this possible?

    Am I daydreaming?

    I think that if we all contribute at this topic and share our ideas and knowledge great things may happen and resolve mystery issues that exist.

    Who knows, one day we might see one on the road or even drive one.

    I know it wont be the real think, however it may be as close as it can be to a factory specs.

    Some pictures that I found and I can tell my story of are :



    One day I was searching through the internet for a front bumper issue that I have and I came up to this unusual Latebay.

    I thought to my self is this for real or it's an African/South American model.

    Early bolt pattern on a Latebay?

    So after a long search there are some Latebays with 5X205,those are the 4X4 Baywindows.

    But why is that?Does anyone know the specific reason of not sticking at standard bolt pattern?

    Another unusual piece is the front bumper,its raised a bit and do to some research other models had this modification, some fire truck Bays for example were like that.The bumper is not bolted at the front deformation panel but on a totally different way.

    Here is a picture


    Please if anyone has more information or pictures don't hesitate of posting them.

    I will try once in a while of posting some pictures of what I got so far,hopefully this way we can all share are thoughts.
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