FOR SALE T2 Super Viking

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  1. NOW SOLD!! - Special winter deal. Our Bertha was fully repainted in 2016 by VW specialists Vale Restorations, underbody protected by them in 2017, and she has a new 1642cc twin choke progressive carb engine from VW Heritage installed in 2015 with less than 2,500 miles on the clock (total van mileage 73,000). Used to be rented out for holidays and she has been as far away as Barcelona, South of France, Scotland and beyond so fully kitted out with full crockery, cooking and cutlery set along with detailed user manual. Serviced and MOTed with gearbox and engine oil change June/July 2018. New gearbox linkage 2016 by Vale along with new clutch and throttle cables 2016/17. Excellent chassis with Ziebart rust prevention throughout chassis and bodywork, runs beautifully with lovely sound from new stainless steel exhaust installed by Vale. Fully rewired, serviced and new brake drums in 2018 (cost £1,800). Very rare Super Viking roof conversion with much original 70s upholstery so sleeps 6 in comfort - 4 in the roof and 2 below. Regularly serviced and oil changed. Towbar, fridge, sink, double burner and grill with extractor fan, radio with USB connection and four good speakers. Interior designed to maximise storage and living flexibility, for example bedding base in roof can be hooked up during the day to increase already good headroom. All tyres good and jack included. Massive Khyam drive away sleeper tent that can sleep another 2/3 included in price with option to purchase tow bar 4 bike rack for an additional £95. Electric hook up, 2 opening sliding windows in rear for good ventilation. 2 seat belts in rear and 2 in the very comfortable front seats. Comes with full waterproof cover. Contact Roger on 07454 228874 for more details.

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  2. Truly excellent advert :hattip:
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  3. its not ebay needs a price:thumbsup: thems the rules :hattip:
  4. Very descriptive :thumbsup:
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    We have rules for posting adverts - can you have a read please and amend accordingly? Thanks :hattip:
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    With an advert like that this should fly of the shelf.
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  7. Has the roof been “fully restored”? Looks a bit ragged around the edges to me.
  8. Sorry guys - all details up on the thread now. Jack the seal of the roof on the rear offside is slightly askew as it gets compressed when the roof is up and the roof wasn't restored as it's fibreglass and didn't need it - the bodywork up to the window line was all done and repainted.
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  9. Looks nice, however some further pictures would be beneficial to would be buyers.
  10. More pics now on - the roof is really big - you can fit 4 adults up there - lovely original 70s jaffa and brown upholstery too! The side pulls out to give the extra width. My pal with a T5 was gobsmacked at how much space there was compared to his! My profile pic shows Bertha just after she was restored a few years back by Kevin at Vale Restorations.
  11. Crikey! From a fellow Super Viking owner that's sounds like a bargain!

    They are huge.....:)
  12. I know - we need to sell for cashflow reasons hence the low price - she is a bargain and really needs to find a new loving home sooner rather than later! Have really cared for her over the years and will be sad to see her go :-(
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  13. Love your blog James - proper skill there mate
  14. Thank you kindly! I definitely know more than when I first started.

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  15. Good luck , great bus and conversion, always wanted a super Viking.
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    Looks great. GLWS
  17. This strikes me as a bargain!
  18. It is - worth more just a bad time of year to sell I guess. Have someone coming to see her next week though but no firm offers yet. First come first served!
  19. Hi what is your location...:)
  20. I see you're not far from me (I'm in Oxford)...I keep looking at that amazing roof space and thinking whether I could justify two bays! Best of luck, I'm sure it'll shift pretty easily.

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