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  1. Long post alert - help required!

    We’ve owned a 1973 t2 Campervan since 2009. My husband drove around the USA in it and then imported it and it’s since sat in a garage in desperate need of some TLC. We’ve actually spent about £5k on welding and making it road worthy so far and it can and does drive legally now. It’s a little unreliable though and there is a slight issue with the engine that will need fixing. We’ve started stripping the inside and although it does have some seats, it’s not completely how we want it and is just sufficing for now.

    Our aim is to actually be able to utilise the Campervan as a Campervan. We planned to do it up ourselves but I’m now pregnant with no2 and my husband is all consumed by work. I’m yearning to get out and and spend weekends in it or even just be able to drive in it comfortably would
    Be nice. I’m at the point where I can’t wait for us to do it up ourselves any longer - we don’t have the time or the expertise.

    So what I’m basically asking is what is the best way to go about getting it done?

    We’re talking everything that comes after making it road legal, including bodywork etc. We own loads of the parts we need to get it going too I should add.

    Are we better finding a specialist and paying them a fortune to do it quickly and efficiently? Or do we locate an individual who we can basically pay to do the job we should be doing? Does anyone have recommendations of companies or individuals that can help us?

    We’re happy to pay out for it, it’s wasting our money sitting on the drive being insured and not moving anyway. But we would prefer to do it on a budget, maybe at a slightly slower pace (but not painfully slow) and have a DIY job. It will be a family van so top quality is not essential nor desired.

    Happy to post some photos if anyone can help. Just need some guidance and recommendations so I can fulfil my need to live the camper life with my babies
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  2. Moons

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    Post some pictures and help the people here build you a list.

    That list will help guide what you need to do in what order.

    If bodywork is ok, and you can live with the paintwork as is - then it might be a simple trip to a decent garage for the engine, then one of the camper conversion companies if you don't have the original or don't like it.

    Some of it depends on if and how much you guys can do - this includes getting it to and from businesses.

    Even the big boy specialists have their detractors, no one is perfect and there are a a fair few 'air cooled specialists' that are very poor business people.
  3. Thank you for such a speedy response - I will get some up to date photos and upload them this evening.
    7334EC9F-662B-41F1-AD0C-AEACF8533291.jpeg 0A22057F-B1EA-426E-8A0C-68249760295F.jpeg 645765C6-9122-4B9B-9544-941CEB643071.jpeg 2FAA5ADB-6644-4773-BF9C-1ACDAEDFFD68.jpeg 8E1CC607-8925-428B-8FFB-CB4C06A8587A.jpeg 86975AFC-6782-4CA7-AF03-B53D3FA3B6F9.jpeg A75A8DB8-281D-436A-9C53-5A173146DECC.jpeg E7608EC7-9116-4075-AB4F-D8CA4263C87D.jpeg C5C554F3-7948-4855-A82F-EF594F35AEF7.jpeg
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    Do you have any of the noisy cupboard at the back please?

    Welcome BTW :thumbsup:
  5. Moons

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    So it's not got an MOT....it's old enough to be exempt but for something you are taking your family in, get it MOT'd anyway.

    Whereabouts are you?

    I suspect the paint will come up if machine polished....lots of paint repair guys including mobile ones available.

    There are a few places that do drive in drive out camper conversions and you look like you are missing a fair amount of the interior....conversions can be £5k plus quite easily.

    I only know of one person that had one done, @earlybaybob, unsure if he's on here much.

    Anyone else recommend the above approach and have a view on how to proceed with the interior.
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  6. Hope this very bad photo is enough and is actually of the noisy cupboard - that’s my educated guess ;)

  7. Poptop2

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    I’ve done it for you for now, but if you press ‘ full image’ below the post when you post pictures it will full-size them wherever you want them in the post :thumbsup:
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  8. Welcome and thank you for sharing, hopefully we'll get you sorted.
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  9. We’re in Berkshire.

    Yes it passed its MOT just before it became exempt, so it’s both :p

    I thought the drive in/out would be pricey, but 10 years down the line it’s costing us lots anyway - I don’t want to pay loads but if it’s going to mean I can utilise it I’d pay - I’m torn between paying and actually just finding the time for us to do so.

    And thank you - appreciate your response :thumbsup:
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  11. jivedubbin

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    From the above pictures you can see your missing the foam seal from the tinware and the RH hose from the snail fan
  12. Ahh yes we have seal, just need someone to put it in! Tell my husband to get that RH hose please... would love heating!

    Engine doesn’t idle well, and there’s no petrol gauge - and that’s what we know about!
  13. Poptop2

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    We’d all love heating ;)
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  14. jivedubbin

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    The foam seal is vital for engine cooling and so easy to fit,just ease it in to the joint making sure it sits flat ,it's h shaped in profile
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  15. jivedubbin

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    You might be disappointed by the level of heat
  16. It all comes down to balancing time and money: if you’ve no time it will cost more money and vice versa.
    A lot of jobs are simple, like fitting the right hand pipe and engine seal. Weirdly I’ve got exactly that to do to mine for the weekend!
    I got the seal at Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00N9YABOO/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item and hose from eBay https://ebay.us/Sb77NX
    The more work you manage to do yourself the more satisfying it is and the better you’ll know the van.
    Good luck and have fun!
    PS Beware some air-cooled specialists, there’s a lot of cowboys out there, been caught myself and now correcting their (expensive) mistakes!
  17. The heating actually works quite well if you don't mind steam being blown into the cab for the first ten miles and then oil fumes for the rest of the journey!
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  18. i'm oxford so not that far away.. never used either of these but heard good things about both: vw voodoo and vw jim, both near you.

    or just get it down to @davidoft in hayling island - he can fix anything and has every spare part for a bay .. hes done some good work for me and i'd use him more if he was closer.
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  19. Looks like your fuel injected. @pkrboo knows a thing or two about this and has/had some spare parts.
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  20. Wow that's alot of work to make it into a camper, no pop top either, I would possibly just put a full width rock and roll bed in and invest in a drive away awning and take a camping stove etc for camping trips, with a rock and roll bed you can then at least overnight without needing the awning.
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