Syncro - let’s off-road!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Bit On The Side' started by Mattlad, Oct 12, 2019.

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  2. I’m sure it’s got something substantial, be good to find more info on it

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  3. I fixed something..,


    This now lights up at night as a reminder of the capabilities of the vehicle should I ever drive it anywhere other than to work or taking the kids to swimming lessons or the supermarket…
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  4. Being used what it’s made for…

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    there appears to be some mud missing;)
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  6. phwooar filthy….

  7. Oh, the times they are a-changing


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  9. I have picked up a westfalia interior in a fashionable grey


    I have installed it into a flat I’m working on for the meantime but can’t help thinking it would work better in the van….
  10. Manky


    factory fresh


    Also picked up some ply to make a floor for this stuff to go on but I really should do some work before I get found out by boss lady….
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  11. After a hectic and deeply annoying working week - I took a couple of hours out this pm to do a dry fit.


    Have to mark up mounting points and think about what to do for the floor as it’s just on the caravelle sound proofing at the mo.

    Also need to shove some wires in for the fridge 12/240v and some gas for the cooker.
  12. just the ticket that
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  14. the carpet is a manky grey - it is even more manky after 3 years of my careful ownership.
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    I was gonna chop it up :D
  16. Happy Monday all!!

  17. Bugger :mad::(
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  18. :mad:Ffs Matt.
    They bent the frame as well by the look.
    What a pita
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  20. Think frame is ok and have ordered glass from brickwerks but thanks.

    It is indeed a pain in the buthole​
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