Syncro - let’s off-road!

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  1. DPD. Dropped, Probably in a Dustbin
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  2. How right you are - I'm still waiting for the 4th bldy tyre to be redelivered from. Outer Mongolia or whereever the incompetent c0ckwombles have sent it to.

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  3. I did try to warn you!:lol:
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  4. Could this mean the mythical 4th tyre arrived...

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  5. more to the point how does it look and drive now it has tyres without weird shapes popping out of them
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  6. The old tyres were very past it!!

    Drives nicely and is well suited to the Rocky riverbeds that Bristol calls roads.

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  7. Nothing much been going on with Mr Syncro - been used and abused daily and is fun to drive which is why my work van has largely stayed broken until recently...

    The MOT is due in a couple of weeks and I thought I'd be prepared and get it to @squirrel to do a few things as I'm stuck for time.

    The PO did a home blown rear disc conversion which is proving near impossible to get a good handbrake on. Thought we'd swap over calipers so ordered up MK3 golf ones that I thought he used. When the calipers were off it became clear that They re the wrong ones and also various mods have been done to the calipers and its all a bit of a mess.

    I'm thinking I may want to take it back to drums as a) a proper disc kit is about 700quid and b) standard parts don't give this kind of grief!!

    So I need backing plates, drums, cylinders,spring kit, adjuster bar, cables What else have I missed?

    Yours slightly disappointedly

    (He, Him)

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  8. Go e nick Tune a shout via facebook and he'll talk you through rear disc stuff.

    You don't have to spend £700 pounds on a rear disc kit for it to work

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    How’s yours working out ;) x
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  10. It's one of those situations where I kinda just need it to work - and quickly! - I use my syncro daily unlike some people who are just collecting bits and playing with grinders and welders...:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I just saw on fleabay that he does some brackets for i think the girling 38 calipers. I think my hubs have been machined for clearance already so maybe this is an option. His adaptors, calipers - the discs on it are likely to work and then the handbrake situation, but there must be a solution with cables etc thats been worked out.
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  11. HFR, I shall ignore that remark but raise you "the beetle"

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  12. I think you'll find that after a certain time has elapsed, it is poor etiquette o talk of another chaps project that is clearly in some form of stasis. He may be reminded often enough by the uberlord when at home...
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  13. Back to drums - its going to be easier and stand a better chance of not being a royal PITA and maybe actually get a working handbrake.

    Then I will be questioning the wisdom of using the Syncro daily when I have Zero time to devote to it when things go slightly off plan.

    I may be giving up on old cars, white flag time.....
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    I’ll give ya what you paid for it :)

    I may have the bits you need, can check condition tomorrow
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  15. It's a deal _comes as a 2part package with a beetle that is 10k in addition. Very good price.

    If you have got some og parts on decent condition I'll take them as they'll be better than copies. I'd need them gurt quick mind.
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  16. Did you get a chance to see what you have got?

    I need to order bits up tomorrow to get me braking conundrum sorted. Ta
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    Yeah backing plates toast shoes poop :(
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  18. No worries - thanks for checking.
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  19. Well after only a millionty pounds to get the MOT sorted we did our very first slight bit of off road action lindsey today.

    On the way to a park for a bike ride and picnic I detoured down a rough track I had been down walking many years ago.

    We splashed our way down the unmade track and gave way to walkers very politely,

    The verdict of the first family 4x4 detour resulting in the following voxpop...

    -I feel sick from 2 out of 3 passengers
    -If we get stuck you're in trouble
    -Whats the point, we could H ave just gone down the smooth road.
    -I just wanna go to the park.


    A successful first trip I think...
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