Syncro - let’s off-road!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Bit On The Side' started by Mattlad, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Brilliant!!!! :thumbsup:
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  2. Next time deliberately get stuck in mud and get them to push you out, whilst you wheel spin mud all over them
  3. CollyP

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    How’s your job at ACAS going Paul???
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  4. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    :eek: they don't get stuck, that's the whole point!
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  5. OK pretend to get stuck, so he can spray the ungrateful/moaning family in mud
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  6. Yes, much like my last visit to techenders.
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  7. Tried to get stuck in the mud as advised when parking up at our woodland walk today.


    Not muddy enough.

    There was a tesla stuck at the side of the muddy lane though which we helpfully splashed in gloop as we went past.
  8. Moons

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    :eek: Drive it like you stole it

  9. Ahh yes the morning commute. Bristol CC has neglected the roads for sometime now...
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  10. Merlin Cat

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    that is awesome! The driver must have nerves of steel. I wonder if you could fit a periscope exhaust to a T25?
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  11. Tested to (near) destruction. :eek:
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  12. Having succumbed to near peak lockdown of being off work with a bad back, home
    Schooling and January. I have bought most of Amazon....

    The original door card speakers were so tinny they made mrs Mattlad’s usual requests to turn the music down to an imperceptible volume seem perfectly reasonable, so it’s upgrade time...

    heading back to my roots as a small town boy growing up in a time of max power magazines and spliff, I have fitted a pair of Focal 4” replacement speakers and most excitedly a powered sub-woofer. Yaaaayaaaasss. Banging

    Anyone going down Maccy D’s drive thru?

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  13. The use and abuse regime for the syncro continues- I feel a bit bad about the state it gets in but at least it’s being used…


    It is however time to sort out a few crusty bits before another winter.

    Having discussed what it would take to make it beautiful and with that amount being into 5 figures, I have bravely decided to just address the most ‘distressed’ areas. it’s going into the body shop on sat for cutting, welding, and painting while I’m on holiday dodging the seagulls in Cornwall.

    6C46B6C9-B039-46C0-85AD-4748E78208B4.jpeg 26F286F7-BDE6-4F38-A83C-DE31D0FAA575.jpeg 96C4F93D-BC17-41C5-A2D6-8996D518C8A7.jpeg

    See ya apres hols.
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I thought there was no such bird as a seagull???
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  15. Don’t get me started on Gulls - there’s not enough hours in the day ….. as you know….
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  16. theBusmonkey

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    Love that Puch badge Matt.
    Make sure they're careful with the spats. Daft money to replace:eek:
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  17. Syncro parts and cheap - two things never seen in the same sentence….

    The chap doing the work is a t3 lover so he’ll understand when I ask him to be gentle. He has a t3 gypsy and a Doka- not had work done there before but comes on good recommendation.
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  18. theBusmonkey

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    Goran's on the ramp! The wbx is out and on a pallet, there's some more body work to be arch, cab step, front panel and the whole rear valance :eek:
    Then the tank gets swapped for a diesel one (new sender) the rear trailing arms are replaced for new, Schwenk Springs suspension lift, brakes upgraded, TDI ALH engine fitted, 944 CV upgraded axles, re-geared transaxle with 0.75 4th and 1.14 3rd (4th is GT straight cut Street Profile), paint then back to me for internal refit!!!!
    I have no doubt that makes you feel a whole lot better about your bodywork:D.
    Enjoy the jollies...X

    In to surgery today
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  19. Some serious works happening there.

    are you having a full respray after the welding? Will be awesome when you’ve finished. I keep looking for a westfalia interior to go in mine, then maybe a rear wheel carrier, roof rack and roof tent maybe, then get a new van for work as it’ll be even more unsuiatable!!

    the diesel conversion will be a winner- not sure if yours was as bad on fuel but mine with a petrol AGG is a bit thirsty on short journeys.

    look forward to checking out the finished job.
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  20. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    It had a couple of new wings, a long panel and the whole panel under the rear window late last year Matt. The spray shop that Russel uses did an awesome job, painted and de-dinted the slider at the sameme time. I've got some paint let from that mix so they'll just do what's required.
    It's the additional torque that's driven the conversion more than anything. The WBX is a lovely engine, we sorted it all out and it runs brill, it's just not ideal for low down rough terrain.
    Think the replacement will produce 230odd nm at 1900 rpm, so I'll have to be careful I don't wreck the trans...:eek::rolleyes:
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