SWAP my T5 2.5 174bhp for your Bay.

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by ghop99, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. davidoft

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    Is that why all the new ones are 1900s with loads o turbos ?
  2. rickyrooo1

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    Not sure if they are? Mines a 2 litre euro 5 single turbo, dunno what's in the t6? Most of the facelifts are the same 1968cc just mapped different
  3. davidoft

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    They just add an extra turbo for the more powerful model, may make the tax cheaper, I'm gonna check as I'm debating getting a t6 :eek:
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  4. Someone will only nick it. :(
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  5. davidoft

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    Not where I live, we're all old folks :)
  6. I have a t5 caravelle 174 as my daily van ,amazing van loads of power ,full spec with all the toys and the inside has a table and all the seats can spin round to do whatever u want .Reminds me of my bay tbh ,fun practical van ,
  7. To be honest if you like a vehicle that much the cost of the tax is irrelevant
    I know someone who pays just over a grand for his it's a c6.3 amg merc it's worth paying that just to hear the thing growl at you when he starts it up !
    Nice T5 by the way but I've 2 T4's and the bay and I don't think the vicars wife would let me have a slice of cake with me tea if I swapped it !
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  8. Agreed but I know the caravelle exec with AUTO box and 174 bhp is well over 400 quid.

    I have to check these things so I can go cap in hand to the wife, and talk her into it. She wants a t4 or t5 again soooo....
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  9. Yeah lefties are great on the Devon lanes. What have you got?
  10. Sorry, yes, a year...
  11. It's a 79 Riviera.
    It's had most of the interior taken out and would need a bit of work to be used as a hire van. But overall it's a decent solid van.
    These are the only pics I have at the moment.
  12. Not for me this time, but thank you.
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  13. Your looking at an 8 grand bus to take against this. What are your expectations. I trust they are suitably low!
  14. 8k plus cash
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  15. Thank you. People seem to want to make this hard work for some reason ...
  16. Tbh I hope no one swaps with you so in a few weeks I can come take a look with a view to buying it!! Lol

    Have a look @Robo van he has for sale
  17. Thanks for the positivity buddy, much appreciated :) And tbh I might just put this up for sale as as a business it would work out financially more agreeable if I was to sell and purchase another. I just thought someone might have a nice usable Westy at around £15k that I could do some fun and easy business with.

    Nice kitchen set up btw, I can tell you've worked hard at that!
  18. Don't think so really. Your request/Offer is quite reasonable ie someone out there might just fancy doing this. Theres always a bit of discussion around these things unfortunately. even if it is in a classified section. All the best. Nice looking van. I note above its a part ex deal rather than a straight swap so apologies for the comment above. didn't mean anything by it other than beware a straight swap as you wouldn't get something that didn't need work.
  19. Thank you Dicky.
  20. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    lol, you get used to it on here! most for sales turn into a discussion at least it keeps it bumped, if you pm a mod they will happily delete the crap and leave your ad only.....

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