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  1. If anyone’s interested 578291E9-7DC0-41F1-A885-8A9BAD2A2B40.png
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  2. What? they're playing there? Is that Gaz with the glasses on? so many questions.
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  3. Foo Fighters we’re here last year. Bad Manners are here, this Friday.
  4. Undertones soon
  5. First saw Gaz Coombes when he was about 16 singing at Oxford. Must admit i'm not really a fan of their stuff, a bit dated now.
  6. Saw them at Glastonbury in one of the really wet years back in late ‘90s I guess.

    It had been raining solidly and the place was a quagmire- they were playing late one afternoon and as they started playing ‘sun hits the sky’ the sun actually broke through the clouds ⛅️ it was magical and the crowd erupted.

    Don't know happened after that as I was battered but I probably fell into a ditch and shat myself, something along those lines anyway.
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