Super vw fest Le Mans circuit

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  1. Just putting it out there Iv just booked next summers adventure to south Spain and we are starting off at this show it looks great only on every 2 years get to drive the circuit for free ect 3 nights camping let me no if ur interested 5 busses booked ferry all ready

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  2. Unlikely I’ll make it this year.

    Went a couple of years ago, it’s a good show well worth doing, I did that then spent a week traveling through France and then went to Spa.
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  3. @1973daisey hi if possible could you let me know how much 2 adults 1child 1 van would cost for ferry and how much for show as would really like to join you and the gang go down there.
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    Going to the 24hr proper in June with a bit of a French tour thrown in :thumbsup:
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  5. Sorry only just seen this mate mrs booked the ferry but we're only 1 way from Portsmouth to Caen them camping in Le Mans then show then going down through France and into Andorra and then on to Barcelona

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  6. Ye no worries mate just don' want to go abroad first time on my own :)
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  7. Next year one thinks !
    This year LeMans Classic , having booked the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe , any advice on the best route to take ?

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  8. Am I missing something here?
    If its only on every 2 years and it on this year, then surly it isn't on next year.?

    Just trying to clarify as I am interested in going
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  9. The thread was started November 2017 so next year is this year, unless next year is still next year. :confused:
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  10. I know we got the last ferrry on 25th July gets u there for 6am and straight to Le Mans I’ll find the campsite it’s lush by a river we stayed there last year

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  11. Tolls pay it unless u got all day saves a few hours

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  12. I started the thread last year

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  13. Sproggy4830 observation skills 0 out of 10 .
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  14. Right got my details now I’m on the 10pm ferry to cean 25th July gets in 6:45am (u get a free cabin and saves sleeping on the port) then heading to lemans for the night meeting another 2 bays and a t5 here 7 busses total (1split,4 bays (all 1972) 2 t5’s (we have aircooled support vehicle stickers for these )
    This is the campsite ran by a lovely English couple we stayed here last year and just give us our own area by the pool and sat this is all urs hep Ute
    Self (ur see daisy in some of there photos )
    Here for 1 night then convoy to the show full of food and beer
    3 nights camping at the the mans circuit at the show then we’re all heading off to Toulouse,Andorra,Barcelona,zarragozza &back up to Santander for the boat Home total of 19 days if u wanna camp with us just say with the Vw group and camp site we’re all friends (I’m normally hammered and there beer is a little stronger than carling )

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  15. FYI the lemans 24hr is this weekend,:chewie:

    Featuring Jensen button and fernando alonso
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  16. Terrordales

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    This years drivers photo.
    All 180 drivers.

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  17. Flakey

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    Setting off tomorrow morning 6am
    12th visit to LaSarthe !
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  18. That’s in June not July

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  19. Been a few times..
    A great atmosphere with all the foreign fans,
    when the football World Cup is on...:chewie:
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  20. This is down on the must go in 2 years totally amazing anything goes over there some pics Iv got and some things not to be shown [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Got 8 laps round the track

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