WANTED Super Viking T2

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  1. I like that idea - can you PM me a photo of the double crossways set up when the roof is up. Like the idea of not having to move the luggage to put the rock n roll bed down. We're still renovating our van so would be a good time to do some modifications upstairs
  2. Dicky - can you send me a photo of that ? Without the Brokeback Mountain bits......
  3. Not sure how to pm the photos but see below for my version. IMG-20130903-00218.jpg IMG-20130903-00220.jpg
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  4. You say its not factory the double but its the same material ?
    Zoes has the same material as well?
  5. im thimking how you could achieve this if you want a double at the back but cant think how you would do it without reducing the padded bits at the side and the upstand at the rear (you will see what I mean). Ive dumped the bed opposite the slider as it was of no use and just got in the way as my cooker is at the side and not in the middle like yours. pic is looking from rear bed IMG-20130903-00219-1.jpg
  6. Ive made the sliding - over door bed board removeable so without that and the fold down one the head hight with the roof down is about 5 foot 4 ish so its still possble to stand up (ish). Im also making it so theres a drop in section to make the front a double too! (WHY?)
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  7. I'm also going to have the cooker under the non-push out bed, as going for a moon raker-style interior ultimately as more user-friendly than the randomness of the original Super Viking. Guess you make the length way bunks shorter if you extend the bunk at the back out to be a double, but does that not prevent the slide-out bunk from sliding fully inwards ?
  8. I must have a bigger hole than you! The bed at the back is the same as the one at the front and snug to the hole! We use the bed on the slider and clip up the other to make more space to stand up

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  9. nah - its just mine that isnt factory. My roof came with 4 singles and i wanted a double so I altered it when i fitted it but managed to get a double size matress for it!
  10. suss it out when its home - it will make more sense if you can see it!
  11. lots more standing room in there with 4 singles. also see youve got the over-hob extractor.
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  12. Hey guys I'm brand new to the Vw scene, I have a family of 4 and am looking for a Viking. If anyone can point any my way then I would really appreciate it. I have a budget of 7-9k. And I'm not very mechanically knowledgable. But keen to learn.
  13. I have a 1978 Super Viking that I'm thinking of selling. Looking for £8k which is what I paid 18 months ago. Have used it the last two summers but not enough to convince my wife to allow me to keep it. I'm not an expert but bought it from the brother of my business partner who had looked after and improved it over 13 years.
    Let me know if you want me to send you any pics and provide you with more info. If I knew how to 'private message' you I would, but unfortunately haven't got a clue!
    I'm in Cheshire.
  14. I've messages u but if u don't get it I am very interested can u send pictures and details thx. Paul.
  15. A super Viking would be spot on, I have one and use it all the time for sleeping me and two nearly teenage daughters!
  16. I assume you have one now but I am selling mine in really good condition fully restored

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