WANTED Super Viking T2

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  1. Think its like Paleys which they let me sleep in at Paleyfest as my van was in the garage ,it had a full double at the back in the roof lengthways and 3 singles round the sides?
  2. what am I converting to! I cant recall what I said 5 minutes ago!
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  3. Looks like 4 singles up top to me!
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  4. I agree :)
    Its late.
    Paleys defo had a double in the roof though.

  5. From std viking to super...
    I'm sure I read all the support holes etc are already there in the std steelwork and that the roof wouldn't need changing, but I know nowt about Vikings, you don't see many about and the only one I had in the workshop I didn't even look inside, busy doing the brakes or something I expect.
  6. I see. Yep I Think ive probably expressed that opinion before and it probably is sort of do-able but whether its as functional is another matter. I did used to have one and had a small double bed in the roof but it did need extending into the hole where you stand up to be of any use for all but small kids. The viking principle of a slide out bed to the side could be used on a number of roofs to be honest but theres nowt easier than copying something thats already been done
  7. Its been removed from e-bay :):):)
  8. Because we bought her ! YEEEEEHAH ! Thanks guys for pointing her out, and thanks to Zed for giving her a thorough looking over :)

    Now, the fit out begins.... First thing is a bench seat for the front so that the 3 year old (in the photo) can join Mummy and Daddy up front. Let me know if you know of one
  9. :chewie::chewie::chewie::chewie::chewie:
  10. Looks a great example of a fantastic conversion ,congrats :thumbsup:
  11. It was me that pointed her out :D
    Thanks to Zed as well maybe.
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  12. Yep, well done Dave, what's your finders fee these days? Still 10%?
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  13. 5%'s fine :thumbsup:
  14. Fantastic. Hope all goes well. Have you considered either a full width bench seat (for 3) or a rear facing "jump seat" behind the passenger bulkhead. There is a middle seat conversion which was available originally as an option which was reproduced by Bluebird Customs but which I dont think they do anymore. How old the nipper you want up front? Only issue with bench or middle conversion is as standard your stuck with a lap belt but a lap and diagonal can be fitted but youd probably be looking at going for a profesional fit!.

    Have you got it yet (as in - taken it home?)
  15. Too late :rolleyes:
  16. I know but I bet theres a lurker watching this thats after one.
  17. as usual I am late to a thread and would have been able to nip over and have a look for you ( I am getting more clued up these days ish) blooming brilliant news you bought it ! Congrats , its not one I know from the area but looks darn fine !
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  19. Yep, Zed has been all over a few buses for me, thank goodness ! Zed is keeping hold of Herbie, the SuperViking from Norwich, for a week or so to finish off a few jobs. Then I was thinking about sending the bus to Starlight Campers for a bit of a fit-out. I found Starlight on a Late Bay forum so hopefully they'll do a good job.

    Then, hopefully, we'll have a bus for Isle of Wight mini-adventures by the end of the year. Yipppeee !

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