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  1. Dicky - Ben is nearly 4, so fine in the front on a booster, so plan is to go 3 up up-front with a bench seat and a single. Zed has already sent me a couple of Ebay bench seat links - v gratefully received.
  2. All good. I like ths SJS interiors. Well thought out. Did you get the interior that was from yours?

  3. I was checking out the seller the other night when I found the link and noticed he had previously sold the full set of original viking cushions a month earlier :(
  4. Zed spoke to him. Apparently he had sold the one he stripped out of the van, realised he shouldn't have, so had to buy another interior from another super viking. Do you recallhow much he was advertising the original set for ?
  5. They went for under £20 I think.
  6. It will be a double, a single and 2 kids bunks. Far as I know, that's what all Super Vikings have. Sometimes the pictures can make the double look like a single, but the edge is sitting roughly where ours does so gotta be a double.

    Can't beat a super viking.
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  7. As a new Super Viking owner :) I quite agree with you !
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  8. Yay! How exciting. let's see some pics @JacktheT2
  9. C
    Can I be cheeky and ask what you paid (PM if you'd rather, or tell me to naff off) - just interested as a Super Viking owner too
  10. Yep, double at the back, big single at the front and two smaller singles at the side. I am 6'5 and have plenty of room.
  11. Nah they are more commonly 4 singles.
  12. I have the four singles n the roof, but can make a double downstairs
    Not sure would be too happy with six sleeping in the van tho!
  13. Really? Wow have never seen one with 4 singles. More headroom in the inside I guess.
  14. Actually what I should have said was that in my experience they are......blah! I looked at quite a few when I was afetr one and they were all with 4 singles and id only seen 1 with a double in the rear (oooh er) until recently. Mines a double but not factory and I note theres one on mart with a double so who knows!
  15. We have 4 singles in the roof - 2 adult (longways) and 2 kids (crossways), and we are putting in a rock n roll bed so that gives us a double in the back. Prob a bit too cosy in reality, so maybe we make the kids sleep in the awning ;-)
  16. Good friend of mine had that set up and when travelling long distances and needing a kip would just put the roof up so as not to have to mess about with luggage etc. All 4 of them would sleep in the roof! ie him the mrs and 2 kids so cant be that bad.
  17. We never sleep downstairs, just use the singles in the roof
    Nice to be able to leave all the crap downstairs and not worry about stowing stuff away at bed time!
  18. Ours is an adult double crossways at the back, adult single crossways at the front and child beds along the sides. I am 6'5 and fit crossways :)

    We use the child beds as storage when camped (and the adult single when t'daughter isn't with us)
  19. Much the same. Kids both sleep in the double in the roof and me and the mrs in the rock and roll downstairs. front bed and the bit over the door used for storing all the bags. When its brokeback mountain weekend its me in the rock and roll Col in the upstairs double and Vanorak in the single over the cab Cushty!
  20. Hey @Dicky are you making an appearance at techenders next weekend? I want the guided tour inside your loft, I'm amazed how many beds this super V's have up there that I need to see it to believe it :D

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