WANTED Super Viking T2

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by JacktheT2, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Due to having too many kids for a smaller camper, we're looking to buy a Super Viking.

    We did buy one last week (had sent the money) only for the owner to change his mind literally as we were standing on the doorstep - as agreed - to drive it away = 3 v disappointed kids.

    Private message me if you want to sell one that is in good condition. Happy to do work on the interior. We have a good budget and are v keen to buy the right van asap.
  2. Damned annoying! Ive got one but its staying!!!! Will look out for one as I do seem to find them from time to time (cos Im a bit of a a train spotter). Assume you deffo want a bay and not a T25 (there seem to be quite a few of those) Let me know about how much you want to spend (PM me if you want that on the QT)
    You wont regret it if youve got a brood of 3 as its nice to just pop the roof and everyone can go to bed ie no tents or awnings to put up if its wet!
  3. I have one too.. And very nice they are.. Not selling either :)
  4. Good luck with that - they are gold dust :)
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  6. Says ono as well
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  7. looks shiny! it looks like a good base to start with. couple of k for a new interior and seat retrimming.... I'd want a ticket on it and to be driving it away for that money!!
  8. It does have 11 months test and 5 months tax. Might be worth a punt!
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  9. If you read it he's got the original if you want it ,always like the original viking interior ,loads of comfy seats :thumbsup:
  10. Thanks for spotting it for me. Plan would be to replace the interior with something more small-kid friendly anyway so guess a stripped out van is preferable on that basis ??
  11. I would pick up the interior as well though as it would sell for at a few hundred on ebay I guess ,put that towards the new interior :thumbsup:
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  12. Zed


    That looks to be a much better one. ;)
    The interior will get you going while you decide what would suit you.
  13. Great - thanks Zed. Do you know of this van as its in your neck of the woods ? If not, do you have time for another trip if its still available ?

    I also saw a standard Viking tonight, which I texted you about earlier (its Lisa here......). I was impressed with the exterior of the van, but its on at £10.5k, and would need another £1k at least to convert to Super Viking so this looks to be a better bet.
  14. obviously neds a good coat of looking at but if no interior then less hidden but looks ok.
  15. not sure you could successfully convert a standard viking to super-6 spec as the roof cap isnt as tall! A replacement (new one) is 1500 for the fibreglass bit on its own so with bellows and making up the steel and joinery thats circa 2.5 to 2,8k possibly 3k all done.
  16. im looking again at that and its the later roof with the rack in the middle, also based on a kombi and not a panel van which is good (at least thats what it looks like) If I was in the market Id deffo be looking at this one!
  17. Zed


    Thanks for that dicky. I read a thread on here in the last week or so that suggested you could easily convert???

    I worked that out. ;) Yes, have time but Norwich a bit further.
  18. Good info Dicky - thanks. Lets hope this one is still for sale then....
  19. It looks like its got a double in the roof as well ,thought most just had 4 single bunks?
  20. Looks like its two adult singles down the sides and two kids bunks along the top and bottom. Perfect for all our kids....

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